10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Body Fat

People join gyms for lots of reasons. Some people want to be fit and healthy enough to be able to play and enjoy time with their children without being out of breath after 5 minutes.

Some join so they can create a body that causes their partners jaw to drop to the floor (Come on admit it, no one is judging here!).

However, a lot of peoples primary reason for joining the gym is because they’ve become disillusioned with how they look physically and want to lose body fat.

No matter what your goal is, it hurts me like you wouldn’t believe if after a period of time people say they haven’t achieved their goal and don’t know where/what to do next.

Each and every person that comes to S&P, we want to help you achieve your goal just as much as you want to achieve it.

I wanted to write this piece to provide some information which may be holding you back in your attempt to drop the body fat and help you get on the right road to achieving your goal.

  1. Your not eating enough calories

I wanted to start off with one of the least obvious to some people. When people start off on their road to dropping the body fat, they literally cut down to eating 500 – 1,000 calories a day.

Whilst initially (if your lucky), this might help lose a few lbs here and there, but soon enough you will crash high speed into a brick wall and wonder what the hell has happened?

You see when we drastically cut calories out of our food intake, our metabolism basically begins to shut down. By doing this, it becomes very difficult for our bodies to shift body fat as it begins to hold onto every little scrap of food to survive and perform everyday bodily functions.

For the majority of people, cutting out ALL the processed crap replacing it with high quality protein, good sources of carbohydrates and fats (Yes, I did say fats, not all of them are bad for us) and drinking more water for a consistent period of time alongside a good training programme will yield the results your looking for.

Do this truthfully for 4 weeks and get back to me if theres no progress, then we can look more in depth at what needs to be done!

2. Your drinking too many protein shakes

This one is mainly for the fellas, a lot of the time I get asked what is the best protein shake to have. For some reason us guys think that the answer to our problems lies within a serving of protein powder mixed with water or milk.

Your average person requires between 0.8 – 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight. So, for a 80kg man this is around 176g of protein a day.

Your average scoop of protein powder has around 18-20g of protein in. You tell me how you think this small serving of protein powder is going to make you look like the Rock or for our girls, Beyonce.

Remember what protein powder is, its a supplement to our nutrition. Give me someone who follows the cleanest nutrition plan in the world with no supplements vs the person who has the worst diet and the best supplements. There is only one winner.

Have one shake after training, anything else is unnecessary for people wanting to lose weight.

3. Your not managing stress properly

Forgive me if this point sounds like me telling you how to manage your life. You probably have one or multiple areas that require your attention/love/consideration on a day to day basis such as partners, children, work, bills etc.

Sometimes these areas become a lot for us to deal with successfully and our bodies produce a hormone called cortisol during these stressful periods. High cortisol levels lead to increased body fat storage.

Dealing with stress has to become part of our daily lifestyle to combat the negative effects it can have on our progress. Theres multiple ways of helping lower your cortisol levels and its about finding which ones we find the most beneficial to us, for example…

  • Learn to say no
  • Cut out the negative people in your life
  • Make time for laughter every day, life is too short
  • Get regular massages
  • Schedule more time with friends
  • Turn the lights down and listen to The Weeknd

4. Your not getting enough sleep

Another area which can lead to an increase in the hormone cortisol is a lack of sleep.

Sleep is a critical part of the process as when we are resting our bodies are recovering and repairing.

Getting better sleep makes us feel better within ourselves. Feeling better within ourselves then helps us perform better whether thats at work, the gym or in life.

Sleeping tips:

  • Avoid caffeine after 12pm
  • Turn down the lights in your house once dark outside
  • Make bedroom as dark as possible
  • Make sure your the proud owner of a good bed. We spend around 1/3 of our life in bed, so may as well have a good one!
  • Don’t look at your phone/computer 2 hours before bed (I’m still working on this one!)

Sleep is usually the easiest area to get right and can have a compound effect on your results.

5. Stop looking for the latest fad

Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight I’m sorry to say. How long did it take you to get to where you are now?

I’m willing to bet it didn’t happen over the last week. So why do we think that we’re going to reach our desired level in a such a short amount of time.

Adopt a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

A quick fix (Juice plus, Herbalife, any other shitty short term solution) will always rebound in a horrific way and put any weight you lost, back on. Think about it why haven’t these solutions been around a long time?

There nothing scientifically special about them at the end of the day. They will be replaced by the next fad at some point and the cycle will continue.

Your better than all of that shit and I want you to live a better life than one which is based around juice drinks

6. Stop moaning and making excuses

This is my biggest pet hate! I should have made this number 1 really, quit all the excuse making and commit to the process.

The moment you make the decision to make your life better is the moment you should clear all negativity from your mindset. Nothing positive comes from being in a negative mindset.

Fuck your excuses.

Be truthful and honest to yourself.

Honestly if we could step back and hear ourselves when we talk like this, we would be ashamed. I see training especially at a place like S&P a privilege and the majority of the people I see achieve results have a positive mindset and work their arses off without ever complaining.

I’ll give you an example of one of our very own. Matt Shanahan. I remember when he walked through the door for the first time.

His positivity was breathtaking. He comes into the gym each and every session, inspires, motivates and trains like theres no tomorrow. If he was ever having a bad day, he wouldn’t show it.

His results speak for themselves, he has BECOME one of the strongest guys in the gym, is dropping body fat and continues to be one of the most humble guys I have met.

Think about the effect your positivity can have on the people around you. A simple “Come on Dave, crush this next set” can play wonders to somebodies application to their training and the vibe will spread

7. Track Progress

Such an easy thing to do. At the start of your journey take some photographs of yourself, note what you can currently do (how many press ups? Chin ups? Good quality bodyweight squats? etc) then after a period of time you can look back on them and see what progress has been made.

The worst thing to do is to start something and not have any recollection of where you have come from.

Sometimes you see people feeling disheartened about their so called lack of progress, but if they had tracked from the start they would have realised they had lost a considerable amount of body fat, can now perform a couple of chin ups and 10 good quality bodyweight squats.

8. Your training too much

I’m going to stick my neck on the line a little here, some of you guys are training far too much.

I’ve spoken to guys in the past and they train 3 times a week at S&P, 5 times a week at a commercial gym, jog round Stockport twice a week and then swim 100 lengths at their local pool on the weekend.

Think about how much stress this exercise is putting on your body? How can your body perform at its best in the gym when its never at 100%.

Training so much also means that you begin to neglect important areas which play a key role in dropping body fat like we have touched upon. You have less time to buy/cook meals. You spend less time with your family and your stress levels increase as you worry about your lack of time with them. You can see where I’m going with it.

If the overload of training isn’t helping you produce the results you want, go back to training HARD 3 times a week.

9, 10, 11, 12..… Believe and Follow The Plan

I want this point to stand out and stick in your mind.

Your very fortunate that your training programmes are produced by one of the very best group of guys working in this industry in the UK.

Fat loss is very simple process. People just struggle to stick to the steps as their such a drastic change to their usual lifestyle.

Wait, you mean I have to stop eating a takeaway every Saturday and Sunday? Yes

Hold on, your saying I have to consistently train 3 times a week and give it my all? Damm right

Be the person who never misses a meal. Goes to bed earlier to give your body more time recovering and repairing for the next training session. Spend more time performing some form of recovery technique every day such as massage, hot baths, stretching/soft tissue work.

A lot of the changes sound simple to do in writing, but they separate the winners and the losers in the battle against body fat.

Heres the basics to nail every single week! Get these consistently right and we can begin to build:

  • Eat quality protein sources at every meal
  • Drink plenty of water every single day
  • Sleep 8-10 hours
  • Train hard 3-4 times a week
  • Expend more calories than you consume
  • Stress less
  • Cut out the processed crap from your calorie intake

Your training represents an hour of your 24 hour day. The rest of your day is dictated by the choices you make.

I hope this helps you guys, like I say it sounds very simple in writing. But, its up to you to implement this in your life and reap the benefits that it represents. Once you find some consistency, theres a snowball effect and you will become unstoppable!

Any questions or anything that you would like more clarity on, don’t hesitate to leave a message below.



(S&P Body Transformation Coach)

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The “Special Sauce” That’s Got Women Hooked!

I’d consider myself a pretty ‘average’ guy in terms of my pick-up game

Funny cause i’m (happily) married – so no, I don’t go out to pick-up girls anymore (lol)

Thing is though, recently I’ve (technically ‘we’) hit upon something so special it not only works like magic…

But.. it’s super SIMPLE too!

What am I talking about?

The secret Body Transformation  formula that no-one else knows about…. but us!

The ‘other guy’ i’m referring to here is of course my great buddy and fellow owner of Strength & Performance. Mr Sean Keefe.

I’ll hither-to refer to us as ‘S&P (less of a mouthfull to swallow)

We cool?

Alrighty then.. i’ll continue on.

For the last 9 years or so, Sean and I have worked side by side in the fitness industry.

Our thing is helping people. It’s what we get up in the morning for. It’s what we LOVE to do!

So you can imagine our exitement when we ‘stumbled’ upon this break through formula that’s got women all over Manchester and beyond in a tizz!

I say ‘stumbled’ on… but look – you can’t just stumble on Body Transformation Gold.

It’s happened as a result of YEARS of in-the-trenches work.

Heck, we’ve probably invested the price of a small semi (house i’m talking about!) over the years in researching, studying and learning from some of the finest minds in the Health & Wellness industry.

So you can sleep easy that we know what we’re talking about some 🙂 🙂

So we’ve come 360 degrees in the last 9 years. Back in those days people were skeptical of the value of having a Personal Trainer.

“Ooooh it’s a LOT of dollar to fork out..!” they would tell me.

And sure, S&P is no different.

After all, literally transforming your body so it’s unrecognisable to the one that used to stare back at you in the mirror… doesn’t come cheap!

But let’s look at this for a second shall we:

In terms of Lifetime Value.. spending 100 + ££s a month on your HEALTH & WELLBEING..

VS Wasting 1000’s per year on booze, fags, junk food etc etc..

In my view, that’s a pretty darn good trade-off.

Wouldn’t you agree?

The average family spends approx 30-40 per week on alcohol..

I’ll let that sink in a bit…

Got it. Good. Onward.

So here’s what you should do now.

Well, it’s kind of ‘no brainer’ really (unless you don’t wanna know the ‘secret’ recipe for no more bingo wings, muffin top belly and ‘like magic bum lift effect’)

Yeah, thought you might! 😉

Ok… OK here it is >> http://strengthandperformance.co.uk/ladies-program

Hit the link above and you’re on the first step to that smokin’ hot figure – you know the one you’ve always wanted.

Sean and I will be eagerly waiting to HELP YOU finally put your body/fitness frustrations behind you!

‘Hasta Luego Back Fat’…!

‘Sayounara’ wobbly bits…!

‘Tata’ Low self esteem & Body Confidence..!

Sound good? 🙂 🙂

So if you’re in the Greater Manchester Area and you need a real life ‘Hero’ in your life..

Let us bare the burden sister.



Don’t say I don’t give ya anything.

Anyhoo.. gotta fly now (got some damsells in distress to attend to, if you know what i’m sayin’) 😉


Zoran (& Sean) ‘Transformation Hero 2’ Dubaic

P.S. If you’re lucky I might even through in a super-special ‘bonus’ when you apply to our program. You gotta be ‘in it to win it’ though.

Serious applications only 🙂

You’re An Asshole

The Other Week I Was That D***head Who Drove Through  A Puddle And Soaked Two Innocent Bystanders!!

Now before you all get your pants in a twist and e-mail in and bad mouth me on Facebook, first give me two seconds to back track just a little. You see I didn’t do it intentially…

Oh, so that makes it ‘OK’ then you curse… you hate that guy!

What a douche!


But seriously, I actually never intended to soak those two people – in fact the whole experience left me feeling extremely remorceful for a good while afterwards.

Thing is that it was on a particularly miserable night. I was driving home (in the dark). The rain was lashing it down and visability wasn’t that great.

I was tired!

As I drove through my local surburban town on the final stretch of my journey home I came towards a couple walking the same way I was driving…..

they didn’t even see it coming!

Neither did I… and that’s what sort of vindicates me of being that A-hole, well at least a tiny bit.

As I drew level out of the corner of my eye I literally just saw this huge puddle by the kerbside

What happened next was absolutely unavoidable…

Despite my BEST efforts to swerve at the last minute (which incidentally made me look like I had actually aimed for that puddle and those two happless strangers) I hit the water at 30 mph…

I can still picture the force with which that water arced towards them, and even more so the way with which they tried to leap out of the way – it’s happened to me before and it’s not nice!

For a split second I genuinely thought about pulling in and apologising profusely.

But I didn’t think it would help!

Whichever way you looked at it I looked guilty as charged!

But I genuinely was mortified!


Over the next couple of days I tried to do a few good deeds (little things) like letting people out of side roads, something we should all try more by the way!

Gradually the guilt subsided.

It feels good to do good once in a while – just to help your fellow (wo)man. It really doesn’t take much time out of your day.

We’re all in so much of a rush these days.

Busy doing nothing and going Nowhere fast – stuck in traffic 24/7 (sometimes).

So why not give your fellow citizen a helping hand every now and again – don’t be that Asshole that never lets anyone out on the school run!

Yeah YOU…

You know who you are!

Give others a helping hand and instead of selfishly thinking about yourself ALL the damn time, try to work as a team.

So where the heck am I going with this..?

We all want the same thing (most of the time) – we’re all after a Result… whether that be getting to work on time, or Dropping 10 Lbs of Body Fat in the gym.

If we work together and support each other (not be a bunch of A-holes, in other words) we can get it done with less stress & more efficiently.. and in a more enjoyable way too!


Food for thought anyway on a Thursday morning!

Catch you on the flip side


ps Missed this ninja-style Blog from the other day – No problem

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How To Get A Butt Like Nicki Minaj (Without The Implants)

I’ll let you into a little secret…

They ain’t real! 😉


No really, they’re not real – and being completely honest, unless you have the genetics of Wonder Woman you’ll struggle to replicate that shape just by hitting the gym and busting some moves!

However… luckily we’ve got a few tricks up our ample sleeves which might just help improve the shape of your bum, thighs and other problem areas, and the answer isn’t all that crazy!

But it will require a little work on your part!

Shock Horrow…. yes


Rome wasn’t built in a day after all!

But don’t take it from me, have a read what Guest Blogger and badass female Personal Trainer Laura Blease at SNS Training had to say about it!

And you can take this from me that this girl knows a thing or two about that bass!

True Story!

She not only talks the talk but she damn sure knows how to walk that walk too!… you’ll see!

Lots of very powerful but simple text to scan through plus some vids – it’s all gold!

There’s one catch of course…. there always is..

You won’t succeed in your quest for the perfect booty just by reading the Blog

Heck No!

You’ll have to get off your a$$ first and prepare to do battle with the celulite!

“You won’t get the backside you want, by sitting on the one you have”

The quote is a little corny perhaps, but it’s also very true! You really have to get ready to shift into the next gear if you’re truly going to make lasting changes that’ll lead to you gaining bags of confidence, stripping away 10+ pounds of stubborn fat and getting down to the buisness of sculpting that tight, pert butt!

This will mean making some nips and tucks to your diet as well – that’s CRUCIAL to your success!

So what are YOU waiting for?

It’s GO Time!

Look forward to connecting with you real soon!



ps shhhh Your Butt-Buster Journey Starts Here << Click

Don’t tell Everyone! 😉

Fire Your Commercial Gym

Ok so now I have your attention…

I spoke to you a few weeks back about getting what you pay for when it comes to taking your health and well being seriously!

‘Pay Cheap, Pay Twice’…. remember?

You can check the full blog here if you missed it! 🙂

For me (and no doubt many of you reading this) getting, and more importantly staying in kick-ass shape is probably pretty high up on the agenda, am I right….?

We all want it secretly, yet somehow we manage to hoodwink ourselves and tell everyone who will listen that we’re actually perfectly fine with the way things are at the minute!

We’ve all just had Christmas etc etc… it’s Winter and we need the extra warmth etc etc… sound familiar?

Anway, that’s not exactly the point but you get what i’m saying!

There’s always a problem with investing in a ‘cheap’ product…. well more than just the one problem..

For me the main one is that people rarely take action with any kind of urgency when paying a ridiculously low price for a gym…. some of the mass-procution outfits these days are practically giving you free memberships these days.

The result is that after the Honeymoon period has worn off in as little as 30 days, you start to show up less and less to the gym, and then you start to not show up at all.

BINGO! For the owners! They’ve hit pay dirt (gold mining analogy) – ergo they make truck loads of cash while you sit at home making excuses for why you didn’t go! They have a quiet gym and rake in the moolah while you tell all your mates how you’re taking it easy in case you peak too soon!

Now that does that scenario ring any bells?

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t but I can tell you this, i’ve seen the stats on this and they don’t make for a comfortable read!

So what do you do now?

Well can you remember what you did the last time you felt you were paying for a service but weren’t using it?

Maybe you subscribed to the Sport Channels on Sky and you just feel like you’re not using them now…. you get rid! Simple

You call them up and tell them you no longer use their services and now you’re off to check out the competition!

It’s that Simple!

Don’t let them keep their claws into you if you’re not going and you have no intention of going regularly… who’s that helping? It certainly isn’t you!

Fire them Today – Do it now!

I’m not here to sell you a spot in our gym – they’re actually not that easy to earn after all, and the price may make you do a double take!

That’s fine though, I know we’re not for everyone! But we do represent great value for your hard-earned $$

Food for thought on this cold Tuesday morning!

Have a good one!



The Power of The Glutes (Guest post by Strength Coach Laura Blease)


The world has suddenly gone crazy for shapely curvaceous glutes. Made famous by the likes of
Kim Kardashian, J-LO & Nicki Minaj every woman seems to want that hour glass silhouette & large
round glutes. However, you need not reach for those booty boosting pants as there is a much
longer lasting & effective solution.. You need to lift! As a trainer who has worked in a commercial
gym I have worked with many female clients wanting to ‘lose weight & tone up’ Their traditional
routine would be to perform an hour’s worth of cardio consisting of the rower, treadmill, cross
trainer & elliptical. Often left feeling deflated despite their efforts many would be left wondering how to achieve that honed, strong body they’ve always wanted yet afraid of the free weight area fearing they would ‘bulk up’ & add excessive muscle tissue losing their womanly shape.
If I have learnt anything over my time as a Personal Trainer it is this…The best thing a woman can
do for their body is to lift! Women will not become ‘bulky’, overdeveloped or masculine through
lifting weights- they will instead increase their BMR (basal metabolic rate- the measure of how
many calories we will burn at rest), shape their glutes, hamstrings & arms & alter their body composition reducing body fat & increasing ffm (fat free muscle).
I can remember a time when I would perform hours of cv dreaming of the perfect hour glass shape yet never knowing how to get there. Knowledge is power, education is everything & I wish that I knew then what I know now. If you want to create that bootylicious shape & look great in your favourite jeans you must make weight training your ally. Undoubtedly one of the greatest exercises for building strong developed glutes is the squat.

Developing muscles in your posterior chain the squat will hone & shape your glutes. This exercise
will leave you functionally strong & work pretty much every muscle group in your body. In order to
execute the squat you must stand with your feet approximately hip width apart & weight into your
heels. Queue your hips back & down driving your heels into the ground aiming for parallel depth
keeping your chest proud & shoulders back. Your hips should be in an anterior tilt position (imagine a bowl of water at the front of your hips & tipping the contents out as you sit back. Good mobility in your hips & calf will aid movement & depth so look to perform dynamic stretches in between sets as ‘active recovery’. Those who find it difficult performing this movement may want to try Box Squatting to recruit the correct muscle groups, increase stability & teach good form.

Hip Thrust

Made popular by Strength coach Bret Contreras the hip thrust is by far the most effective exercise to engage gluteal muscles & encourage muscular development. Executed by lying supine (face up) driving your heels into the ground & lifting hips up to create a bridge position. The progressions/variants for this exercise are as follows- feet elevated, shoulders elevated, single leg (can be paired with a single leg movement such as split squat), with a barbell, weighted with feet elevated or shoulders elevated. Varying the stimulus or quite simply switching up your workouts can work wonders for adding Glute size & strength.
When performing weighted the use of a sponge/foam pad is recommended by Glute Guru ‘Bret
Contreras’ he quotes “The glutes won’t fire as hard as possible if they detect pain. You need to
have the bar padding to get a better workout”.

Step Up

One of my favourite exercises for developing strong, round glutes. Ideally to increase Glute
activation get the leg straight with hip extended before you step up with opposing leg. Aim to stay
tall as you drive yourself onto the box/step & squeeze your shoulder blades together driving your
chest up. Can be performed body weight, single leg for additional gluteal ‘burn’ or with dumbbells/
a barbell on your back.

Good Morning

Known as a hip hinge exercise. You should be able to perform a Romanian Deadlift with very good
form & relative load before attempting this exercise. The good morning requires a strong core as to not let the weight dictate form & pattern of the movement. Use your Abdominals & back (squeezing the shoulder blades) to oppose the weight keeping our chest up, driving our hips back & engaging the hamstrings & gluteals to perform.

The future of female fitness is weight training. Learn to love the process, learn how to push your
body in ways never thought possible, reap the rewards that you deserve!

Strong is the New Skinny

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Tel: 07827997880

Email: lauralmb2014@gmail.com


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