Todays and Fridays Training

Sorry for the late post

Fridays Lower Session

a1 Jumps – mixture of kneeling and broad jumps about 10 sets

b1 S&P Squats 4×8

b2 Hamstring Curls on Rings 4×10

c1 Hip Extension on bench 3×15

d1 Ab Wheel Walks x 2 Lengths

d2 Sledgehammer x 10 each side

d3 Prowler Low/High

4 Rounds

Todays training

a1 2 Board Bench – Worked upto a heavy 3

b1 BWT Tri Ext 4×6

c1 Db Rows 3×8

c2 Y-Raises 3×10

d1 Fat Bar Curls 2×6

d2 Db Cleans 2×8

d3 BB Shrugs 2×10

Intensity is staying high this week, but dropping back on the volume

Lift Big & Get Strong



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