MMA Beasts rip in!

In the ever more challenging world of MMA, fighters need to be stronger, more powerful and more supremely conditioned than ever before in order to succeed in making  it to the top!

In the last few weeks, several BEASTS from the IFC MMA club in Stockport have signed up for some serious training in order to give them the edge over the competition.

These BEASTS know no fear, they train to WIN, full stop…

They aren’t afraid to step outside their comfort zones and smash through pain barriers in the attempt to push to be the BEST in their chosen discipline.

These guys leave their ego’s at the door when they enter the gym. When they hear the beats thumping, see the bar bending and  the chalk flying, feel the room spinning after prowler run after prowler run, they know what time it is…

 no bravado is necessary or welcome here… time to get their game face on and TRAIN!

Today’s session:

a1) tyre battle 6x 30s

a2) d/b split squat jumps 6x 5

b1) press-up drop set (weighted vest w/rings,rings,floor,BB) 2 x10 each

b2) chins 2 x max

c1) d/b push press 3×8

c2) rope recline rows 3×12

d1) fat bar curls 2×12

d2) band push-downs 2×25

e) prowler 10 sets of 2 lengths

If you take part in MMA and would like to find out more about our programmes, drop us an e-mail at:

Till next time

Stay Strong



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