Chains – Accomodating Resistance

If you know anything about serious strength training then you will know that having chains in your weapons arsenal is about as essential as having clotted cream with your scone and jam!

If you haven’t experienced training with chains then perhaps you have been hiding under a rock, or maybe working in a big commercial gym…?

Fear not, help is at hand. The video clip below will give you a brief insight into the great benefits of doing so.

For those of you who haven’t been ‘working out’  in  big corporate gyms, training ‘guns’ and chest at every oportunity, this will come as no huge shock to the system but for those people outlined above, this is (very simply) why we use chains.

Chains are used to accomadate resistance. They are an essential yet little used tool, incorporated into training to increase explosive power in standard weight training exercises.

The use of chains  teaches athletes to accelerate the bar through the entire repetition because the weight gets heavier at the top.  

The bottom of the lift is the phase that is the most difficult  because the athlete is at their weakest. However, the weight will be at its lightest as the heavy chains  rest on the floor.  During the concentric portion of the lift (the up-phase),the chains unravel from the floor.  This means that as the athlete pushes, the weight increases, forcing the body to accelerate through the whole lift in order to ‘outrun’ the speed of the chains.

Perhaps the best thing about using chains in training is the flexibility which they provide. Press-up with them, Pull-up with them, Dip with them, Dead lift with them, Bear crawl with them, the list just goes on and on AND on!

Here is what we rocked out yesterday:

a) speed bench with chains 9×3

b1) kettle bell swing to press/handstand push-ups

b2) rope chins with chains variations

c1) neutral chins with chains – 2x drop set

c2) BB press-ups with chains – 2x drop set

Enjoy the short training montage below.

Drop us a comment, ask us a question… get involved!!

Lift BIG, get STRONG!!!



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