Trap Bar Dead Lift with chains plus Prowler for dessert!

Feeling somewhat inspired by Tom Martin’s MONSTROUS DL’s yesterday, the Strength and Performance crew decided to stick some heavy chains on the Trap Bar and go in search of some PRs!!

Yes, we are a bunch of slaves to the iron but let’s face it, i’d rather be a slave than a ‘vibrating platform-using ‘chump!

We didn’t quite manage to eclipse the Martin but some good numbers were hit and a fair few rice digs and some Prowler relays later, the general consensus was that we’d not had a bad session!

De-loading time next week, much to the delight of Justin ‘J-Bone’ Nixon (our newest and youngest crew member and an outright BEAST at that!)

Here’s what we did today:

a) Trap Bar DL + heavy chains – work up to 1RM

b1) lunge/step-up variation

b2) Romanian DL

c1) double KB swings

c2) front plank

d1) prowler runs

d2) rice digs

+ extra fat grip BB holds for time.

More craziness to come tomorrow and stay posted for the next part in the

’20 things that PISS ME OFF about commercial gyms’ series.

I am enjoying compiling more gems for your reading pleasure.

If you missed the 1st edition you must be LOCO! Go check it out NOW!

You will not be dissapointed!

In the meantime,



Strength and Performance coach


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