De-load Training – 22/3/2010

For us hardened, iron loving freaks, de-load weeks usually comes as a bit of a god send, having punished the body with increasing ferocity for 3 weeks non stop!

For Sean and Joe, this week was no different, they had trained hard and things had gone well – they had earned a bit of stretching, foam rolling and horsing around with some ART techniques!

For me, well, I had some unfinished biz to attend to. For starters, my head had been up my backside for the last 2 weeks or so. Training, subsequently had not gone well and to top it all off, a nice bout of food poisoning had just been the icing on the cake.

So, instead of de-loading i decided to take out my frustration on the weights.

Here’s what I cranked out today… short, simple, but it did the trick nicely:

a) Seated military press with chains – up to 1RM

b1) Seated Bradford press with chains

b2) mixed grip chins

c1) BB standing tricep extensions

c2) BB curl + chains and fat grip

Nothing clever just got the job done!

Looking forward to hitting legs tomorrow for some strange reason ;-P

If you have’t had chance to check out ’20 things that PISS ME OFF about commercial gyms’ – parts 1 and 2 then you must be CRAZY!!

stay STRONG and prosper!


Strength and Performance Coach


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