‘BEAST training’ at Strength and Performance!

Tucked away in a small industrial unit in Stockport, we take average athletes and turn them into muscle bound, supremely conditioned BEASTS!!

We are selective in who we allow to train behind closed doors! Not because we are rude but because we only want the most committed, most dedicated clients in our gym.

We take too much pride in getting results every time to just let anyone walk in off the street and bring the energy levels of the group down! Allowing semi-serious athletes to train with us is counter productive to our beliefs!

All our members are 100% serious and 100% dedicated to achieving their goals. They ALL train like BEASTS! If we ask them to jump, they say “how high” it’s really that simple!

If YOU think you have what it takes to train at Strength and Performance, contact us to arrange your free trial and consultation.

e-mail: info@strengthandperformance.co.uk

call: 01614808368

Lift BIG, get STRONG!


Strength and Performance Coach


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