Raising The Bar

When a few ANIMALS turned up unexpectedly at Strength and Performance Gym today, we knew that BIG weights were going to be shifted, records were going to be set, broken and re-set and that the possibility of blood flowing was high!

Well, apart from the blood flowing bit (it wasn’t Dead Lift day unfortunately), the predictions were correct!

You see, when you get a collection of  hard working, iron loving athletes in the same room together, things start to get serious. The tempo is raised, more weight gets added to the bar and the sense of camaraderie is OFF THE SCALE!

The fear of looking like a chump in front of your peers spurs on the thirst for pushing the boundaries more and more…. 1 more rep, and another….and another! 10 reps ends up being 20 reps, this is how PR’s a hit!

Today, every single member of the group raised the bar, their own personal bar.

This is what makes ATHLETES out of average people.

This what makes CHAMPIONS out of elite performers.

It is the ability to constantly strive for more, to keep pushing forward, to not make excuses and ALWAYS take accountability for your performance.

Lift BIG, get STRONG


Strength and Performance Coach


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