Easter Friday Blitz at Strength and Performance

The Friday morning crew just cranked out a SICK ‘Blitz’ session at the Strength and Performance HQ!

EVERYONE gave just a little bit more and the atmosphere was INTENSE!

I LOVE it when people come down to the gym with the right attitude, highly motivated and ready to SMASH it! – makes our job the BEST job in the world! 🙂

Here’s what the guys rocked out this morning:

1) tyre flips x5

2) sand bag clean and press x8

3) chins x MAX

4) Kettle Bell swings x10

5) Tornado ball x10

6) Prowler runs x2 30m lengths

ALL participants cranked out 5 or more sets with short rest periods!

One BEAST hit 8 sets wearing a weighted vest for ALL rounds – he just kept coming back for more!!

Now as coaches it pays to be able to walk the walk, not just talk a good game. Coaches who talk the talk but can’t do the walking get exposed as frauds – these people  give our industry a bad name!

Not us! – Soon as the last member had left the gym we were ready and pumped to shift some iron!

Heavy Trap Bar DL’s were pulled for high reps, rack pulls were hit, sand bag glute bridges, kettle bell swings and prowler runs were smashed, to name a few…

More to come on Monday.

Time to rest up, spend time with family, eat BIG and recover in time for Bench on Monday!

If YOU  are hitting the gym today, make sure you SMASH IT!!

Lift BIG, get STRONG!


Strength and Performance Coach


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