How To Make Your Own Sand Bags!

Now this might seem like a very simple thing to do but over at Strength and Performance HQ, we still get many e-mails per week asking us how we make our sand bags and what we use them for etc, etc…

Well, firstly, making sand bags is a fairly simple process and i’m sure the way we do it isn’t necessarily the best way by any means but for those of you who want to know, here is how we do it.

Ingredient list:

1) Pea Gravel – (£3 per 25kg bag from your nearest B&Q, Wickes/garden centre store)

2) rubble sacks – see above for stockists

3) silver duct tape – ditto

4) small army style hold-all bag (optional if you’re going for the creme de la creme look) – available in most good army and navy stores

The Process:

1) depending on what size you want (25kg is a great universal size/weight for performing most basic exercises), place a few good lengths of duct tape around both the length and width of your pea gravel bag.

2) Place your pea gravel bag inside a rubble sack and then place another over the top but over the opposite end of the bag so you now have no gaps.

3) Next, proceed to wrap every inch of the bag in duct tape. Make sure you go across the length and width again. Try to avoid cutting the duct tape as much as possible as you want it to be as strong as possible.

Now you are ready to rock and roll! If you have wrapped the bag well and you don’t throw it around or drop it in between sets/reps then it should last for a good while. If you want to be extra safe then take your canvass hold-all and place the ‘silver bullet’ inside it and remove all sharp edges/handles (unless you want the bags for farmers walks etc).

Repair is easy, just have spare rubble sacks and duct tape on hand and you can repair/create bags of any size, shape and weight with ease!

Next time I will cover exercises to perform with the new edition to your strength and conditioning arsenal.

Till then….

Lift BIG, get STRONG!!


Strength and Performance Coach.


One thought on “How To Make Your Own Sand Bags!

  1. Hi guys,

    Love the website and youtube channel, the gym looks awesome!!

    I was wondering where you guys got your thick rope, the one that you are using for your sled work?

    Any feedback would be awesome

    Thanks J

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