Strength Training for MMA

Anyone who takes part in or coaches Mixed Martial Arts will know that being brutally strong, lightning fast and supremely conditioned are all CRUCIAL factors in making a complete, well rounded fighter.

For years, training for MMA has consisted mainly of skill/technical work, either on the floor or stand up and various circuit based conditioning elements. Fighters would work on their kickboxing, grappling, BJJ etc and pay little or no attention to their strength work in the gym.

I’ll be the first to admit that we are no experts when it come to the skill side of MMA training. Without skill there is no adequate foundation for a figher to progress in the competitive world of the Octagon.

However, in order to be the best all round fighter it is vital that propper attention is given to fight strength, explosive power and conditioning. Working on these 3 elements will greatly improve an athletes ability to develop jaw breaking knock-out power, bone crushing strength and sky rocket overall conditioning so they can last the pace right up to the 5th minute of the final round.

Strength and Performance is tailored towards training MMA fighters. We are in charge of Michael ‘The Count’ Bispings Strength and power training in the run up to UFC 114 vs Dan Miller. During the next 8 weeks he will be transformed into an explosive BEAST!

For more information on Strength and Performance 8 or 12 week fight strength camps
Call: 0161 4808368

or e-mail:

Check out the website @ Strength & Performance

Lift BIG, get STRONG!!


Strength and Performance Coach


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