Inspirational People

When we think of sports people who inspire us, names like Muhammad Ali, Jesse Owens, Tammy Grey Thompson and Steve Redgrave spring to mind.

These people made the ultimate sacrifice to be the BEST they could be in their sport. Their legacies live on and continue to inspire the next generation of sporting greats, the world over.

When we think of these ‘idols’ we often overlook the people who inspire us on a day to day basis, people who may be much closer to home and who never really get the praise they deserve.

At Strength & Performance we don’t usually single out any of our members as we feel that they ALL deserve credit for giving 100% to every single session and dedicating themselves to being the BEST athlete possible.

However, we feel that one person in particular has stood out from the rest.. This person has continually pushed harder and harder, given more than has been expected of him and has kept training like a BEAST, despite having recently popped out his patela!!

This guy knows NO limits, feels NO pain and NEVER, EVER quits!!!

If you tell him to do 3 sets, he does 5!

When you think he is finished, he just keeps on going!

When ordinary people give in…. he just dons the gas mask, grabs hold of the prowler handles, says “I’ll do another” and is away, this guy is SUPER HUMAN!

This mentality and dedication makes Champions!

Steve Rouson has been training with us for a long time and just keeps on coming back for more…. we call him ‘Crazy Steve‘ and the younger members have  affectionately nicknamed him ‘The Machine’ When you watch the video clip below you will understand why!

Steve has become part of the furniture here at Strength & Performance. Over the months and years he has earned the respect of every single member, athletes and non athletes alike.. young and old.

As well as being a kick-ass inspirational character, Steve is the most humble person you will ever meet and he never asks for anything or craves attention in return. He simply gets his head down and gets stuck in to the graft!

You can’t teach this kind of commitment but you can learn from people like Steve. People who make excuses only have themselves to blame when they don’t get where they want to be in life or get the results from their training.

People like Steve don’t make excuses!

Watch the video clip below and get INSPIRED!

Come down to Strength & Performance and join the group of hardest working athletes on the planet.

Those who are not 100% dedicated to achieving results need not apply!

Lift BIG, get STRONG!!

Sean and Z


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