Strength & Performance in Pictures

Everyone trained HARDCORE at Strength & Performance today!!

The atmosphere was ELECTRIC and nothing less than 100% effort was accepted!

If you don’t turn up to training with your game face on you might want to turn tail and run out the fire exit coz we don’t mess about when it comes to the business of getting results!

We give 100% to our training so why should anyone else be any different?

Turn up ready to SMASH IT or don’t turn up at all!!

We expect dedication from ALL out clients and we give the same in return – its only fair.

At Strength & Performance our business is getting YOU results – that’s what we do best, it’s that simple!

Check out the pics below and get ready to take numbers!

Strength & Performance ‘No Rules‘ Training

‘The Edge’ smashing tyre drags!

100% spent!

‘Coach Keefe’ under the bar

Nothing left to give…

ready to do battle!

The return of the pythons..

Pull that sucker in!!!

Thursday was a AWESOME day at the gym!!

More training pics to come next week

In the meantime…

Lift BIG, get STRONG!!

Sean and Z



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