A Day in the Life of ….

Decided to write this as clients are always asking what im doing, what im training, what im eating, etc etc, so with this in mind im writing this to let you know whats been happening to me so I can be the one asking the questions again..

Training at the moment has been something totally different to what I normally do, why? In this game you sometimes need a change to appreciate why you train the way you do and for me that is lifting heavy and getting stronger!! This is what I have always done and will probably always train for but for the next 6 weeks my training has taken a different path. I like to test myself sometimes and push hard in a different way and this routine is definately that, in addition the other benefits from this type of training include, improved GPP, oxidative capacities of fibers and a new perspective on nausea!!

So below is what my training looked like today, and I will state that its not for the faint hearted!!

a1 back squats 15/15/15 strip set, so i did 100kgx15, 85kgx15, 70kgx15

a2 back squat 1/4 hold 100kg approx 30secs

a3 reverse sled drags approx 30m

a4 db squats 10/10/10 strip set, so i did 25kgx10, 20kgx10, 15kgx10

a5 step ups

Now if anyone has ever tried high rep squatting then they will appreciate how i felt after this!! 

this comes close!!

b1 Swiss Ball Hip Extension + Knee Flexion 15 rest pause, this means do 15, rest 10 seconds, do a few more, rest a 10 seconds and then try do a few more

b2 neck harness x10

c1 bb curls 10-15 rest pause

c2 reverse curls 10-15 rest pause

c3 seated calf raise 10-15 rest pause

So that was todays sessions, at present I am training Mon, Wed and Fri and trust me after this type of training that is plenty. This routine is from Dave Tate’s Stronger Manual, with a few different exercises due to equipment.

Now down to my food

7am tablespoon peanut butter, protein shake with oats, 3 fish oil caps

9am wholemeal pasta with homemade burgers, spoon of fish oil

11am pre training drink – waxy maize starch, protein powder, BCAA’s, creatine, L-leucine

During drink – waxy maize starch, BCAA’S, L-leucine

1pm Post training – waxy maize starch, protein powder, BCAA’s, creatine, L-leucine

3.30pm wholemeal pasta and chicken, spoon of fish oil

5.30 homemade burgers and banana

8pm after work, homemade chilli, wholemeal rice, 2 fish oil caps

might have a snack before bed but this all depends on what time i get in and eat from work

before bed is ZMA, and thats it

im allowing myself higher carbs at the moment as definately need them to help recover with this training, 2 days a week i will try and eat around 600-700grams of carbs – sounds easy but its actually quite hard

So there you have it, my training and my food

This is by no means what i do all the time but for now its a start….

Any questions please ask


Strength and Performance Coach