S&P Blog Returns

After a long awaited break the S&P blog is back up and running……

Im going to start the new blog with a little recap on what’s been happening down at S&P. It was our 1 year anniversary a couple of weeks ago so to celebrate we are having a get together on the 1st April in Didsbury at The Milson Rhodes (the old Pitch and Piano), so all members + 1 are welcome. After many hours of communicating with our web designer we are very proud to have our new website complete. If you have not already checked it then head over to http://www.strengthandperformance.co.uk and let me know what you think. Our new merchandise should be arriving this week, so get your order in quick before the stock runs out!

Now onto Z’s and my training. Anyone will tell you that you should always find time to train no matter what and I fully agree with this!! however over the past few months our training has not been where it should be, why? Well I think that when you are trying to grow your business your mind shifts, so benching or squatting big numbers is not the main focus anymore, the effort turns towards expanding the S&P tribe, whether it is looking for new members, going over accounts, planning programs and/or even furthering our own knowledge as S&C coaches.

I wont lie owning your own business is great and has many perks but you never get time away and you are constantly thinking about it 24/7, so hence why training has taken a back seat.  But now the focus is back on training, why? well because our athetes are getting so dam f*cking strong as coaches we have to step it up as well!!

Below is a little clip from our training yesterday, this is week 2 of a 6 week phase, so things are going well.


Stay posted for the next update on our training, thoughts and experience

Lift Big Get Strong


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