Week in words

I want to start this feature in the blog just to sum up the week in my eyes, so to start…..

Sorry girls but a half naked women to start the blog always draws attention, Ashley Judd does it well!!

Gym quote of the week – “need to get angry to lift this”, CT

Business – Been a very productive week at S&P, had MyProtein down on Tuesday to film some videos for their website, so we were blessed with the company of Ross Edgley, Dan Hipkiss and Martin Brown. Great Lads and will hopefully be meeting up again soon. Also our client logs for our website should be up and running soon, so stay posted.

Training – Been a good week of training for both myself and Z, below is a video from Friday. Z just missed the 50kg Fat Grip Clean + Press and I missed the 55kg on my left, but we will smash these next week. We have been hitting variations of chins/pull ups 3 days a week, take note: they should be a staple in everyone’s training. Shoulders feel great, think this is also due to the handstand push ups that I have been doing. Lets see if they carry over to my bench.

Thoughts – Always have a GOAL/PLAN whether this is in the gym or out, training or working towards something is much more effective than training towards nothing. This could be as simple as hitting a PR or even making small changes to ones diet. Small progression are key in all walks of life.

Life – My wife has been away all week with work, so this has made me be more organised with my food, check the pic below to see what I mean by being organised. Sundays are now my official food prep day!

Exercise of the week – Tony Gentilcore demonstrates an exercise called the Alligator walk. A great exercise for the anterior core and also aids in shoulder health

Video of the week – Bret Contreras shows a great technique to help drill sitting back on the squat, its surprising how many people find this hard to do, so videos and tips like these are very helpful

Article of the week – This is an excellent article by Molly Galbraith that everyone should read


Industry – I have been a gym owner for over a year now and some people might think that I am where I want to be and that I can just sit back and let the business grow, well the answer is far from it. I am constantly trying to learn more through reading books, reading articles and listening to podcasts in my car (not when the wife is in as she doesn’t appreciate the likes of Mike Boyle talking about hip stability) What I am saying is that right now I am like a small fish in a big pond, but I am growing and always will through listening and learning to the likes of Dave Tate, Bret Contreras, Dan John, Chad Waterbury, Joel Jameison, Eric Cressey to name a few. So my advice to anyone starting out or is in this industry to keep learning and always continue your personal development as a coach/trainer.

Until next time

Lift Big Get Strong



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