Week in Words 2

Before I forget remember its S&P Carnage this coming Friday at the Milson Rhodes in Didsbury to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary, Z and myself will be there from around 7 (along with our old gym manager) so get down around 7.30-8 for drinks. Sorry no food this time!

Hip Thrusts do work!

Gym Quote of the Week – ‘ill eat 55kg sandbags for breakfast” IB

Business – Been another busy week at S&P, on 2 days alone we saw over 50 people through the door with lots of pr’s made and records broken, including the 2 plate for reps, and the under 80kg category is getting very heated!! Who said the lighter boys cant lift heavy!!

Its been a busy week working on the UK’s Strongest Athlete (UKSA) which we are hoping to run in early July. This will be a type of strongman competition for anyone who thinks they have what it takes to compete and take home the trophy. There are 4 events and 2 weight categories, the events are not just strongman as such but we have tried to incorporate more athleticism into them. More will be revealed once everything is fully organised and planned. Lets see who will step up and bring it!

Clients – Neil Kirwan from MyProtein had his first Amateur MMA fight yesterday and after having a stomach bug for the past 3 days it was not a good start. Low and behold he held his own even though that he was a good 4kg lighter and should have won the fight except his opponent claimed a low blow and had time to rest!! The fight was a draw.

Training – Trained monday then had a couple of restoration sessions as felt that I needed it. I think this is something which is definately learned with training. Listening to you body and how it feels is crucial to long term development. Although Z ploughed on and smashed the 50kg fat grip clean and press for 5 singles after he missed it last week!

Thoughts – Everyone should do soft tissue work but whether you need to do it before each session is another question? I think we need to look at soft tissue work like training, hard and light days. So on your strength training days just do a light and quick soft tissue session and on your off days go hard and deep!!

Life – I had to change my car bulb this week and being an alpha male that I am I thought I will do it, if us men cant even change a bulb then what is going on!! Got the old bulb out in about 15 seconds and got the new one in in about an hour!! let me explain. Putting a bulb back into a tight space with my macho hands was quite hard, basically I dropped the bulb to the bottom of the car and so had to make something to retrieve it from a very tight space, check the pic below

Check out my saviour, a pair of pliers, a metal rod and a screwdriver taped together with some celotape on the end. With this and some extremely good accuracy and patience I was able to retrieve the bulb!

Who said it takes more than one man to change a bulb!!

Food has been good this week, slightly less carbs as I have only really had one training day. It always annoys me when people say they have no time to make food, im not going to rant but I will say, get your food in check before complaining about not getting results! People need to check out Precision Nutrition System by John Berardi, very good stuff and easy to follow. Below is a an omlette which I made which took about 5 mins to make! Take note!

Exercise of the Week -Ive stole this one from Tony Gentilcore, not sure what its called but I love it

Video of the week – I love watching Matt Wichlinski’s videos as he doesnt give a f*ck what people say but still churns out beasts. Hope to have him over for a seminar in the summer, watch this space

Article of the Week – This is not a new article, its a series of videos put into one place and so I want everyone who wants a bigger bench, or who wants to learn to bench or thinks they can bench (this includes some trainers I know) then please click the link


Industry – I have been thinking this week of what makes a good gym?? Is it the equipment, sessions, members, atmosphere, owners, location, coaches, to be honest I think it is a bit of everything but one does jump out to me as the most important. Alwyn Cosgrove has talked many times about the PT/Strength Coach themselves and how they perceive themselves as providing a customer service and not just a place to train.

I was talking to one of our clients this week regarding this and she said that a good trainer has to have a good level of emotional intelligence, so from writing a program to delivering it with the client in mind at all times. E.g the way I speak to my older clients is different to how I speak to my younger ones. This might seem like an obvious point but many fail to recognise this and hence do not get the best results.

Until next time

Lift Big Get Strong



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