UKSA I – July 10th 2011 – It’s on like Donkey Kong!

YES guys, this is the moment you have ALL been waiting for. The S&P UK’s Strongest Athlete competition aka UKSA I has finally arrived! I know we’ve taken our time a bit so apologies for that but hey, you can’t rush a good thing and we wanted to do it right, in true S&P tradition and as most of you know, we don’t do things by halves.

So get a pen and paper handy and prepare to write some things down.

Before we get to the good stuff we should probably start with a bit of background information so you know what you’re getting yourself into should you choose to compete. Ultimately we want to put on an event that tests athleticism in it’s purest form, i.e something combining brute strength, speed and power with a little endurance element as well. In other words this is not a ‘strongman’ event. Sorry boys, no strongman competitors allowed!!

UKSA will be a charity event  so every single penny raised will go to a worthy cause (to be announced in due course) so we hope to raise a ton of cash!! We are confident that it will be a HUGE success!

Ok, enough of the formalities already, let’s get to it!

There will be two weight categories; Under 90 kg’s and Over 90 kg’s. Each weight class will be limited to 20 places only so get your applications in quick (see link below – fill out and e-mail

On to the event list then *insert drum roll here* There will be 5 events as outlined below:

1) Standing Sled Rope Pull – Contestants will hand-over-hand pull a weighted sled over a 20 metre long distance in as fast a time as possible. For the Under 90’s the weight will be + 3 x 20 kg plates and for the over 90’s 4 x 20 kg plates. NB for those of you under the illusion that this is perhaps a little light, the surface is rubber-filled astro turf so think again!

2) Tyre Flip and Sprint – Contestants will flip a tyre (approx 250-300kg’s) 3 times then sprint the remaining distance (total length 30m) to the finish line

3) Farmer Walk – We had to have these in. I mean, what respectable strength outfit worth it’s salt would dare leave the god father of strongman events out of a ‘strongman’ competition? Not us, I can tell you that! Contestants will carry 2 x loaded farmers walk handles around a cone set at approx 25 metres and return to the start line in as fast a time as possible. For the Under 90’s the weight will be 80 kg’s per hand and for the Over 90’s, 90 kg’s per hand.

4) Sandbag Carry/Sled pull Medley – Contestants will pick up a 75 kg sand bag and sprint 25 metres. They will then reverse drag a loaded sled 25 metres back to the start line. Fastest time wins! Under 90’s will pull 6 x 20 plates and Over 90’s will pull 7 x 20 kg plates.

5) Log Clean and Press  – The object here is simple; Clean a steel log up to the chest and then lock out over the head for as many reps as possible within the 60 second time frame. For Under 90’s the log will be loaded to 70kg’s (total weight) and for Over 90’s – 80 kg’s!

So there you have it, the first S&P UKSA Charity event. We look forward to receiving your completed applications. Remember, only SERIOUS applications please. This is a serious event and only 100% BEASTS need apply! If you are not BAD-ASS then there’s a good chance this will NOT be for you!!

The cost to enter will be £20 and £5 for spectators

There will be prizes up for grabs and we are expecting the competition to be HOT! Who will be crowned the ‘S&P UK’s Strongest Athlete 2011’?

UKSA I Will be kindly hosted by Target Fitness, Reddish. For directions please see the link below. Also, if you are travelling from far a field or from over seas and intend to stay in or around Stockport on the Saturday night, please have a look at the links below for cheap accomodation. The first event will kick off at 10am so make sure you are fully prepared and DON’T rock up late! As usual, stay glued to the Blog, FB or Twitter for any updates and we’ll see YOU there!

Sean and Z

UKSA info:

Download UKSA Application Form – UKSA Registration Form – Please Click to Download

Location – Target Fitness,  Houldsworth Village (adjacent to Broadstone Mill), Broadstone Road, Reddish, SK5 7ATL



2) – search for Manchester, didsbury or Manchester, sportcity

3) – search for Stockport South, Stockport Central, Manchester Denton, Manchester Cheadle, Manchester West Didsbury




Week in Words 5

..easily mis-interpreted....

Life – I was up in the lakes this past weekend with the in-laws, call it bonding!! Anyway it involved lots of walking through fields, interesting I know – but I actually quite enjoyed being away from the hustle and bustle, it gave me time to think. This is something I will continue to do more of, every couple of weeks I intend to take a drive somewhere and go for an hour walk or so and clear the mind!

Gym Quote of the Week – “if you cant hack it, then get your jacket” CK – my wife, she thinks she is big dog!!

Recipe – Fish Burgers or Fish Salad – A great quick and easy healthy snack

fresh tuna steaks


mix spices together in a bowl

mix tuna into the spices

coconut oil at the ready

throw the steaks onto the hot frying pan

make up a salad or get a burger bun ready

tuna steaks with salad ready for the next day!

Industry – On our weekend away in the lakes, we stayed at an old manor which to my delight had a gym!! However when I got there and saw what the gym had I was less amused, so I skipped it and went in the pool to chill and observe some ‘weekend warriors’ action. This is what I witnessed from a warrior smashing a session in on Saturday:

a1. alt db front raise –  with a weight which involved a severe back swing

b1. half sh*t form press ups

c1 alt db curl – again with a weight which involved a severe back swing

d1 ab cruncher – did not realise these piece of equipment were still around

got to love the head rest, must be good for the neck!

Sometimes working at S&P you forget what actually goes on in ‘normal gyms’ – lets just say I had a good chuckle at this persons expense. Surely with all this good information now on the internet people will start to learn what proper training is all about, or maybe not??

Thoughts – We all need to sleep more, whether this is going to bed earlier or taking power naps, just get MORE SLEEP.

Films – Fast and Furious 5 – the Rock and Vin Diesel in one film has to be watched, good film

Exercise of the Week – Joe D has some great ideas, this another one using the prowler and rope to work the upper body

Video of the week – Love watching this type of stuff, just shows you dont need all the fancy equipment sometimes

Article of the Week – A great article by Dean Somerset, must read for anyone setting a goal for themselves

How to Set Goals and Achieve them 100% of the Time

Until next time

Lift Big Get Strong



Death – this may happen here!!!

not a good sign!!

Interview with Bret Contreras

A great interview with Strength Coach Bret Contreras, we even get to find out what food he has in his fridge!!!

Enjoy the read!

1. For people who don’t know you, who are you? Where are you? What are you doing right now? And why are you called the Glute Guy? 

I’m a 34 year old PhD student with a CSCS and a master’s degree from ASU. I moved to New Zealand because they have an excellent PhD program which will make me a better strength coach. I’ll be here for a few years until I complete my PhD. I am very interested in all aspects of sport performance, but I have a special affinity for the glutes. I never had glutes in high school; I was a skinny weakling, so I had to spend extra time and attention to bring them up. Consequently I got much better at sports in the process.

2. What is your favourite exercise?

The deadlift! I think it’s the ultimate measure of strength, plus it helps that I’m good at it.

3. Do you think that stronger glutes relate to a better sports performance in terms of running, jumping, agility, etc.

Yes I do. I can’t tell you how many good athletes have soft and pathetic glutes. They have solid quads, hamstrings, and erectors, but their glutes are very underdeveloped. Bring them up and you’ve got a better athlete on your hands.

..strong glutes = big jump..

4. What is the best approach to training the glutes? And what progressions do you use?

You need to hit them from various vectors in a wide spectrum of rep ranges. You have your quad dominant patterns such as squats and lunges, your hip dominant patterns such as deadlifts and good mornings, your bent leg hip dominant patterns such as barbell glute bridges and hip thrusts, and your lateral/rotational patterns such as band hip rotations and crouching x-band walks. Bodyweight before external loading, bilateral before unilateral, moderate ROM before full ROM. Just start wherever you can use good form and gradually progress from there in terms of reps, loading, range of motion, and more difficult variations.

5. If someone can’t activate their glutes during a basic glute bridge, what would you do? And how much do tight hip flexors play in gluteal amnesia?

Every coach and therapist has their own little tricks, but I like to have them lie prone and see if they can contract the glutes isometrically. I start them off with the most basic drill I can imagine and then gradually progress to isometric contractions from different positions, and then along to dynamic movements such as bridging.

Tight hip flexors can contribute to inhibited glutes through reciprocal inhibition (neurological issues) as well as mechanical inhibition as the glute won’t be able to move the hip into end ranges of extension.

I believe that tight hip flexors definitely play a role in gluteal amnesia, but I have another theory that I believe makes more sense. The glutes shut down due to simple USE/DISUSE theory. Use them and they’ll stay strong. Don’t use them and they atrophy and de-activate.

..weak and saggy glutes..commonly seen these days

What do normal people do in their everyday lives that cause them to fire their glutes? The answer is NOTHING!

The typical working American gets out of bed, sits down for breakfast, gets ready, walks to their car, sits down in their car and drives to work, walks to their office, sits all day, drives home, sits on the couch and watches tv, etc. Maybe they go on a brisk walk for exercise if they’re feeling lazy.

..strong and firm glutes..rarely seen these days

At no point during the day did they substantially activate their glutes. When you stand up from a chair, quad activation reaches 70% of MVC, but glute activation is around 10% of MVC. Brisk walking will only get glute activation to around 30% of MVC, as will climbing stairs. So most individuals never activate their glutes to over 30% of MVC in their normal daily activity. Over time this takes its toll, and the glutes shrink down to nothing and don’t fire very well. Now the glutes can’t overpower tight hip flexors and the process of adaptive shortening, reciprocal inhibition, and synergistic dominance ensues.

6. Do you think there is a big correlation to having weak glutes and back pain?

Hell yeah I do. Everyone I train says their backs have never felt better after they’ve trained with me for a month or two, and I believe that a big component of this is teaching them to use their glutes when the lift so they don’t use their spinal muscles as prime movers.

back pain is becomming more apparent these days

7. Do you think everyone should deadlift?

Well obviously there are always cases where someone shouldn’t do a certain exercise…but in general, yes. Everyone should deadlift. But they must first possess sufficient hamstring flexibility, erector spinae strength, and glute activation to be able to hip hinge properly.

8. I know your research is not just focused on the glutes and in one of your latest blog posts you talk about spinal rotation. How important do you think T-spine mobility is? Do you think people go too far sometimes with what coaches say? i.e. increase t-spine mobility, no lumbar flexion, no lumbar rotation etc.

T-spine mobility is critical. Thoracic position will influence scapulohumeral mechanics, breathing mechanics, and lumbopelvic mechanics. You must have proper thoracic extension, lateral flexion, and rotation to be able to move properly and distribute forces optimally.

Of course people take things too far with things that coaches say. People like things to be black or white, when really almost everything is gray.

forgot about right or wrong, sometimes the answer is in the middle

9. Why is it that most people who step into our facility have poor hip mobility and tight glutes?

They’re tight because they’re sedentary. Dynamic sports and weight training move your joints through full ranges of motion so you keep your mobility and stability. If you don’t keep exercising, you lose mobility and stability. Sitting all day causes certain structures to tighten, certain structures to weaken, and certain structures to de-activate. We have to undo all of those things when we start training people.

...nice posture....

10. With this in mind how important do you think it is to educate people that sitting down slouched over a desk is not good? Is this part of our job as strength coaches?

Yes indeed it’s our job. Strength coaches wear so many hats, and we need to be knowledgeable about things both in and out of the weight room. We have them for an hour per day, but we can do a lot of good by positively influencing what they do for the other 23 hours of the day. With proper advice we can influence their posture, their nutritional habits, their sleep habits, their life decisions, outlook, and stress levels, and their recovery strategies.

11. The Strength and Conditioning industry has come a long way, where can you see it going next?

I see a better bridging of various subfields. The worlds of Physical Therapy, Biomechanics, Sports Research, Psychology, and Genetics will continue to merge into the world of Strength & Conditioning, allowing us to be better at what we do. Technology will keep producing better tools to allow us to be more effective as well. However, people will continue to eat too much and move too little, so we’ll always have work to do (until we create a way to stay fit without exercising).

12. What cool things are you working on right now?

I’m always slammed with work! I’m working on several different articles, an eBook, and of course my PhD. And I always try to post a couple of blogposts each week on my blog

13. What are you top tips for a bigger deadlift and squat?

If you’re serious about getting stronger at squats and deadlifts, check out what has to say. Much of what I learned is from them. If you want a strong squat you need to learn how to squat like a powerlifter, not an Olympic weightlifter. This means taking a wide stance, sitting back, keeping the knees out, etc. For maximal deadlift strength, you need to learn how to pull conventionally and round the upper back a bit. This is the way all the top deadlifters in the world pull. Of course, many are better suited for sumo deadlifting, which is an entirely different animal. These methods are the most effective ways of getting stronger at squats and deadlifts, but not the safest. If longevity is a primary concern then the Olympic style squat (high bar, narrow stance, full squat) and arched back deadlift are better options.

14. And finally, what is in your fridge right now

In my fridge I have 2% milk, orange juice, yogurt, bananas, tomatoes, kiwis, whole grain bread (goes moldy quick here in NZ if not refrigerated), roast beef, ham, eggs, cheese, and Coke Zero (I prefer Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper but can’t find that in NZ). In my cupboard I have sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanut butter, honey, muesli cereal, olive oil, green tea, dark chocolate, whey protein, and fish oil caps.

..Brets treat..

Thanks very much for Bret spending the time for this interview, hope you all enjoyed it. If you have any questions then please contact me at or check our website at, or you can contact Bret at 

Until next time

Lift Big, Get Strong


Week in Words 4

Just in case you had not heard already, we are hosting a seminar on the 14th May with Matt Wichlinski, owner of The Strength Shop in Virginia. Limited places available so get in touch if your interested. Strength & Conditioning for Athletic Domination

Gym Quote of the Week – “there’s nothing small about me” SM

Business – Just to keep you informed more UKSA info will soon be released, so dont worry you will have plenty of time to start working on the events. Time to see who is the most BAD ASS athlete out there!!!

Clients – Our first Para-Olympian Michael Churm started training this week, expect big things from this man in 2012, watch this space. Again another week of big PR’s including Liam McCrea’s big 215×7 back squat. At S&P we like to work rep PR’s, I feel this always gives the client something to aim for instead of just putting weight on the bar.

Training – Been a good week of training, no vids this week just been smashing the usuall press-ups, chins, rope climbs, dips, HSPU’s and muscle ups-remember the basics work. Started a new cycle on bench with reverse bands so will see how this goes.

Life – I was on a stag do last week at the Grand National and it brought back memories of mine (that I can remember). Lets just say being a stag once is enough, its much better being on the side where your aim is to get the stag in a bad way! say no more!

..betting is a waste of money……take note..

Industry – One of our clients sent me an e-book called ’50 Greyskull Approved Conditioning Workouts for the Modern Viking’ by Johnny Pain. Lets just say it makes things simple. Sometimes when you think conditioning you get carried away into thinking you have to do about 30 exercises, but this book just shows you dont. e.g One session is 50 ‘Manmakers’, which if you don’t know are. Holding dumbells in each hand, perform a burpee followed by a renegade row, followed by a press up, followed by an overhead press. Sounds brutal, one of our clients who is taking part in a Tough Mudder challenge will be experiencing these very soon!!! so ill let you know how he gets on.

Business Thoughts – The more I learn about business the more I realise there is so much more to learn. Each day is a learning process and you have to be open to this. Since opening the gym so many people have said do this or do that or you should have done this, but at the end of the day your the one who needs to decide as it is you who has made the jump and relies on the growth of the business. One tip is, just because someone else has done something it doesn’t mean that it will work for you. As Bruce Lee says “Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.”

Food – The sun is out and so are the BBQ’s, can never have enough meat for this

Thoughts – I read ‘The Hero Handbook’ again this week by Nate Green and would recommend it to anyone. Very easy to read and makes you think about things which you kinda know but don’t do. If any members want to borrow it then just ask.

Exercise of the Week – Big Wichlinski showing of the some handstand press up progressions

Video of the week – Not a training video this week, but something else that should impress you

Article of the Week – Simple but most people forget the basic!

Until next time

Lift Big Get Strong


A few things I’ve learned about me, my life, business and other things over the last 2 years

Over the last 24 months or so a few things have happened; I got married; Went on my honeymoon; Came back with a baby (figuratively speaking of course – my wife was pregnant with our first child); Moved into a new home; Had a baby girl, Amelia Rose Dubaic; Quit my unsatisfying job; Opened my own gym business with my partner Sean Keefe; My wife opened her own florists business; Sean got married (we went on his honeymoon) and, well… a whole lot of other stuff happened – you get the picture. To sum up, it’s been a pretty hectic couple of years!

I’m certainly not complaining. If anything this somewhat crazy period of time has helped to put a lot of things in to perspective for me and has taught me some valuable (sometimes painful) lessons along the way. You could say it has forced me kicking and screaming to at least try to be responsible and to not always rely on someone else to clean up my messes and bail me out of trouble. Not that i’m perfect now. Far from it in fact, but i’m making baby steps in the right direction and for me that’s a good enough start.

I thought it would be fun to note down what I think i’ve learned  about myself, my life and my first year in business. I’m not trying to teach anybody anything they don’t already know here. This is really more for me to look back on in years to come and reflect, and if it happens to give a little insight for people as to what makes me tick and what goes on behind the scenes at Strength & Performance then that’s just  fine too.

Please feel free to read on. Here is my list:

1) I’m no longer spineless, procrastinating coward I used to be!

2) People are very rarely sincere

3) Running a business is HARD work but extremely gratifying!

4) I much prefer eating whole foods to supplements

5) Getting married and having a baby has not made me into the mature young man people said I would become

6) Despite my best efforts to change my ways, I can still be a selfish bastard!

7) I’m definitely not just good at singing! (I question whether I ever was that good in the first place)

8} If I work hard and focus, good things happen

9) I can never work for anyone else EVER again!

10) Getting up every morning and doing what I love is AWESOME!

11) I am very lucky to have the best wingman EVER in my friend, training partner and fellow S&P owner, Sean Keefe! One day I will be as organised, focussed and hard working as you.

12) People actually want to listen/read what I have to say! Never thought that would happen! 😉

13) I am still no where near where I want to be in life but I think i’m finally starting to figure out how to get there

14) Some people expect you to do everything for them. Worse still, they don’t want to actually do ANY hard work and then wonder why they get no where

15) You can never have too many clients!

16) When selecting music for the gym, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please everybody!! (people are a pain in the ASS!)

17) It only takes one person with the wrong attitude to infect everybody in the group with negative vibes

18) It is pointless wasting time and energy worrying about the competition. In stead, focus on staying ahead and leading from the front!

19) I have very limited patience with time wasters and stupid people!

20) I’m finally learning how to manage my time and plan ahead

21) If someone has to ask me “So why should I join you instead of a Cross-fit gym, for example?” then they probably don’t ‘get’ what we do at all and are probably not suited to our way of doing things

22) I am not nearly strong enough!

23) My best strength training asset is my grip

24) I am the worst secret keeper EVER!! (Don’t expect me to keep big news a secret!)

25) Running a business is a 24 hour thing. You never, ever switch off!

26) I actually looked forward to coming back from 2 weeks in Barbados to crack on with running the gym. I can’t say that i’ve felt that way about any other job I’ve had

27) For every 3 clients you gain, you will lose 2- thank you to Stewart Cole for being right

28) VAT is a BITCH!!!

29) To be successful you have to take measured risks. Sometimes you just have to take risks!

30) I don’t regret flunking college and not going to University. Having a degree sometimes doesn’t mean shit! I’m finding my way just fine now, thank you very much! 🙂

31) I am one opinionated son-of-a-gun

32) I still speak way too fast (guess that 18 months of speach-therapy didn’t slow me down) haha.

33) If I’m not super-organised, my diet SUCKS! (Failure to plan, plan to fail)

34) Everyone you know suddenly starts giving you business advice

35) You can never win an argument over Facebook. There is always someone who thinks they know better! Thanks C.T!

I’m sure I could easily think of another 100 more points, probably more but it would just get silly so I think i’ll end on that note. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little better! For now, be good to one another and be STRONG!

p.s Don’t forget, places on the Strength & Conditioning for Athletic Domination Seminar with Matt Wichlinski are selling out FAST so get your applications in ASAP! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from one of the best in the game and spend the day with both myself and Coach Keefe. Three for the price of one is one HELL of a deal so don’t waste time procrastinating… get on it!

To your continued success in life and lifting,


Strength and Conditioning for Athletic Domination Seminar with Matt Wichlinski, Sean Keefe and Zoran Dubaic

Attention all you BAD-ASS Strength disciples!…

Strength and Performance are teaming up with Matt Wichlinski on Saturday May the 14th 2011 for a one day exclusive seminar!

For those of you who don’t know, Matt runs his hardcore warehouse gym ‘The Strength Shop’  in Virginia Beach and has helped hundreds of athletes get stronger, faster and more powerful! He is also a Youtube sensation and if you check the link below you will soon see why! Matt is one of the most knowledgeable strength coaches who has recently emerged in the S&C game so when he offered to come over and present on our first ever strength seminar, we jumped at the chance.

Strength and Conditioning for Athletic Domination is not just a sit down seminar, you will be expected to get your hands dirty and do some actual training so be prepared for over 7 hours of training information covering all areas from correct warm-up procedure, soft tissue work, mobility, pre-hab, posture and stretching to speed/power training using jumps, medicine ball work plus Olympic lifting.

You will learn about strength training using all kinds of different  tools, from Kettle Bells and Sandbags to Dumbbells and Barbells. We will also give an insight into how we teach and implement the Dead lift, Squat and Bench press with our athletes.
Hell, we’ll even throw in some killer grip training tips, take you through some gruelling underground conditioning and cover elements of performance nutrition and supplementation too! You would be straight up CRAZY to miss this folks!
So, what will  this action-packed seminar cost you? The price of the Strength and Conditioning for Athletic Domination is just £100 for the day! Please note that we only have strictly limited places available so send your applications in ASAP to avoid disappointment. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!
We thought we’d throw a little challenge out there to all applicants, hey, we  just like to keep you guys on your toes! haha. To be in with a chance of joining us on the 14th of May you must first write in no more than 100 words, why you think you should be selected to attend. You will be notified by e-mail if you have been successful so make sure you put some thought into your answers.
Please send all applications to: or call 0161 480 8368
Strength and Performance is based in Stockport,  near Manchester.
Look forward to seeing YOU there!
Lift BIG, get STRONG!
Matt, Sean and Zoran

Thank You Zach Even-Esh


The man in the picture is Zach Even-Esh. Unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave somewhere in Afganistan, you probably knew that already!

For those of you that DON’T know Zach, let me give you a very brief lo-down: Zach Even-Esh is probably one of the most well known faces on the internet. He is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and owner of the renowned Underground Strength Gym in New Jersey, USA. He is also an incredibly successful business man, family man and one strong dude besides. I’ve literally only just scratched the surface but we could be here a while if I went into detail so i’ll wrap it up.


Now that's one BAD-ASS crew! Can anyone spot Sean and I hanging tough next to big Vince Gabriel?


So why am I saying ‘Thank You’ to Zach Even-Esh? Well, the pic above should help to explain a little. I’ll explain: Way back in the depths of 2008, Sean and I sat down to a wholesome beverage in a bar in Manchester. By the end of said beverage we had both decided that we were going to open our own training facility. At roughly the same time we also decided that we were going to head over the pond to see Zach and take part in one of his first ‘Underground Strength Certifications’. We knew that Zach ran a very successful operation and we wanted to learn from the best guys so his course seemed perfect!


Without hesitation we booked on the course at the back end of October, 2008 and headed out to ‘Dirty Jersey’ – Pre S&P Road Trip!


The Underground Cert was what we expected and more; Zach was a cool customer. He was very pleased to see us and welcomed us in to the gym a day early just to help out with a few athletes and get a feel for the place. You would find it hard to meet a more passionate individual. Zach was the man and we wanted to squeeze every bit of knowledge out of him. If this was going to work it was now or never!


The main thing we took away from our all-to-brief stay was to not procrastinate and to act NOW! Zach was adamant that despite the crippling economic conditions it was in fact a great time to open your own business. While everybody else is moaning about how tough things are and not having the balls to do anything about their situation, it was the time to act and take the plunge in to the unknown. After all, what was the worst that could happen!


I’ll be honest, we didn’t technically act the second we got off the plane but we were buzzing with excitement about what lay ahead so we got cracking on our business plan as soon as the real-ale haze had subsided. Seriously, how can any beer be 14%??…


The point i’m really making is this; Zach Even-Esh gave us the much needed kick up the ass that i think we had both been waiting for. He sparked a passion in us that would lead to the birth of Strength & Performance. Now over 3 years since that trip to Jersey and after one year in business I am happy to report that we are living out our dreams of owning and running a successful ‘underground’ gym. We now train beginner to elite level athletes from Handball to MMA and we’ve never looked back. So thank you Zach!