Week in Words 3

First of all, a big thanks to all who came to our first years anniversary’s bash, it was a great turn out and an excellent night. This means a lot to us so thanks again for all your support.

Big thanks to Alexa who made 100 cup cakes for the bash, cant believe they all got eaten

Also well done to Alison for smashing a PR on the cup cakes, 13 sunk

Gym Quote of the Week – “im so pissed off I just need to lift something heavy to calm me down” CE

Business – Now that the anniversary bash is over we can get focused back on the business. The new S&P t-shirts should be in this week finally, and hoodies hopefully next week.

Clients – A big well done to our youngest client, Ellie Smethurst who has been picked to go to Sweden with the Great Britain Handball squad in June. A very hard working athlete with a great attitude! Also well done to Chris Wainer who smashed a 3inch PR on his box jump, now at 46″.

Training – Not been the best of weeks training, dont know why but just seem to have been really busy, so mind has not been on it. Still managed to hit some good numbers on the bench on Monday, 107.5×10. Fridays session was a little different and im still paying the price for it today. One of our clients was finishing his session by doing Farmers Walks, so I joined in. This is when the challenge started. This is what we did, 10 Shrugs followed by 30m walk, 9 shrugs followed by 30m walk and so on down to 1 shrug. This was done with 55kg farmers. Lets just say my traps are a little tender….its all about the yoke!! Got a few short term goals that I want to smash so will be back on track this week, one is the vid below, dont know why this but I want to do it….

Thoughts – We all know that workout nutrition is very important but the more I learn and even experiment on myself I believe everyone should be taking some sort of BCAA’s, EAA’s and a carbohydrate source around training. I know the taste may not be the best but feel free to add some juice like grape juice to the mix to combat the taste!

They dont always have to be this crazy colour!!

Food – If you haven’t already heard of the S&P Sandwich then you need to get with it, this is a perfect post training meal and can be picked up from only Pokusevski’s Deli on Shore Rd in Heaton Mersey, check it…

Exercise of the Week – This is an exercise that everyone should cycle into their training, maybe not this much weight though…

Video of the week – Im adding this as a little challenge to our female clients but then also to show up some of the men out there who brag about doing 5 chin ups….time to step it up! Check out Jen Grasso of Renegade Gym smashing it..

Article of the Week – Similiar to last week but this time Matt Wenning has done a great job showing the squat


Gym Atmosphere – Whether you train in a commercial gym or an underground/warehouse style gym, attitude is everything. Don’t come walking into the gym bringing all your problems and issues, I don’t want to hear them! If you miss a lift on a day or miss a PR, then suck it up and move on, don’t mope around like its the end of the world. Remember with every negative there is a positive, if you miss a lift then you have to work out why, don’t beat yourself up about it, think what went wrong then move on. In gyms like S&P atmosphere is everything, if people showed their negative emotions then it would be a dull place to train. As soon as you walk into the gym you will feed of what is going on and if the intensity is high then most likely you will have a great session. So take note and bring the intensity and emotion that you want to see in the gym or don’t bother…..!

Until next time

Lift Big Get Strong



One thought on “Week in Words 3

  1. Coach, like the article, just unable to watch/view any of the links bar the ‘so you think you can squat’ one.

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