Thank You Zach Even-Esh


The man in the picture is Zach Even-Esh. Unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave somewhere in Afganistan, you probably knew that already!

For those of you that DON’T know Zach, let me give you a very brief lo-down: Zach Even-Esh is probably one of the most well known faces on the internet. He is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and owner of the renowned Underground Strength Gym in New Jersey, USA. He is also an incredibly successful business man, family man and one strong dude besides. I’ve literally only just scratched the surface but we could be here a while if I went into detail so i’ll wrap it up.


Now that's one BAD-ASS crew! Can anyone spot Sean and I hanging tough next to big Vince Gabriel?


So why am I saying ‘Thank You’ to Zach Even-Esh? Well, the pic above should help to explain a little. I’ll explain: Way back in the depths of 2008, Sean and I sat down to a wholesome beverage in a bar in Manchester. By the end of said beverage we had both decided that we were going to open our own training facility. At roughly the same time we also decided that we were going to head over the pond to see Zach and take part in one of his first ‘Underground Strength Certifications’. We knew that Zach ran a very successful operation and we wanted to learn from the best guys so his course seemed perfect!


Without hesitation we booked on the course at the back end of October, 2008 and headed out to ‘Dirty Jersey’ – Pre S&P Road Trip!


The Underground Cert was what we expected and more; Zach was a cool customer. He was very pleased to see us and welcomed us in to the gym a day early just to help out with a few athletes and get a feel for the place. You would find it hard to meet a more passionate individual. Zach was the man and we wanted to squeeze every bit of knowledge out of him. If this was going to work it was now or never!


The main thing we took away from our all-to-brief stay was to not procrastinate and to act NOW! Zach was adamant that despite the crippling economic conditions it was in fact a great time to open your own business. While everybody else is moaning about how tough things are and not having the balls to do anything about their situation, it was the time to act and take the plunge in to the unknown. After all, what was the worst that could happen!


I’ll be honest, we didn’t technically act the second we got off the plane but we were buzzing with excitement about what lay ahead so we got cracking on our business plan as soon as the real-ale haze had subsided. Seriously, how can any beer be 14%??…


The point i’m really making is this; Zach Even-Esh gave us the much needed kick up the ass that i think we had both been waiting for. He sparked a passion in us that would lead to the birth of Strength & Performance. Now over 3 years since that trip to Jersey and after one year in business I am happy to report that we are living out our dreams of owning and running a successful ‘underground’ gym. We now train beginner to elite level athletes from Handball to MMA and we’ve never looked back. So thank you Zach!





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