Strength and Conditioning for Athletic Domination Seminar with Matt Wichlinski, Sean Keefe and Zoran Dubaic

Attention all you BAD-ASS Strength disciples!…

Strength and Performance are teaming up with Matt Wichlinski on Saturday May the 14th 2011 for a one day exclusive seminar!

For those of you who don’t know, Matt runs his hardcore warehouse gym ‘The Strength Shop’  in Virginia Beach and has helped hundreds of athletes get stronger, faster and more powerful! He is also a Youtube sensation and if you check the link below you will soon see why! Matt is one of the most knowledgeable strength coaches who has recently emerged in the S&C game so when he offered to come over and present on our first ever strength seminar, we jumped at the chance.

Strength and Conditioning for Athletic Domination is not just a sit down seminar, you will be expected to get your hands dirty and do some actual training so be prepared for over 7 hours of training information covering all areas from correct warm-up procedure, soft tissue work, mobility, pre-hab, posture and stretching to speed/power training using jumps, medicine ball work plus Olympic lifting.

You will learn about strength training using all kinds of different  tools, from Kettle Bells and Sandbags to Dumbbells and Barbells. We will also give an insight into how we teach and implement the Dead lift, Squat and Bench press with our athletes.
Hell, we’ll even throw in some killer grip training tips, take you through some gruelling underground conditioning and cover elements of performance nutrition and supplementation too! You would be straight up CRAZY to miss this folks!
So, what will  this action-packed seminar cost you? The price of the Strength and Conditioning for Athletic Domination is just £100 for the day! Please note that we only have strictly limited places available so send your applications in ASAP to avoid disappointment. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!
We thought we’d throw a little challenge out there to all applicants, hey, we  just like to keep you guys on your toes! haha. To be in with a chance of joining us on the 14th of May you must first write in no more than 100 words, why you think you should be selected to attend. You will be notified by e-mail if you have been successful so make sure you put some thought into your answers.
Please send all applications to: or call 0161 480 8368
Strength and Performance is based in Stockport,  near Manchester.
Look forward to seeing YOU there!
Lift BIG, get STRONG!
Matt, Sean and Zoran

2 thoughts on “Strength and Conditioning for Athletic Domination Seminar with Matt Wichlinski, Sean Keefe and Zoran Dubaic

  1. Blaine,

    Its based on a first come first served basis and there are limited places available for the seminar. Payment is made after your application, if you need anymore information then let me know,


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