A few things I’ve learned about me, my life, business and other things over the last 2 years

Over the last 24 months or so a few things have happened; I got married; Went on my honeymoon; Came back with a baby (figuratively speaking of course – my wife was pregnant with our first child); Moved into a new home; Had a baby girl, Amelia Rose Dubaic; Quit my unsatisfying job; Opened my own gym business with my partner Sean Keefe; My wife opened her own florists business; Sean got married (we went on his honeymoon) and, well… a whole lot of other stuff happened – you get the picture. To sum up, it’s been a pretty hectic couple of years!

I’m certainly not complaining. If anything this somewhat crazy period of time has helped to put a lot of things in to perspective for me and has taught me some valuable (sometimes painful) lessons along the way. You could say it has forced me kicking and screaming to at least try to be responsible and to not always rely on someone else to clean up my messes and bail me out of trouble. Not that i’m perfect now. Far from it in fact, but i’m making baby steps in the right direction and for me that’s a good enough start.

I thought it would be fun to note down what I think i’ve learned  about myself, my life and my first year in business. I’m not trying to teach anybody anything they don’t already know here. This is really more for me to look back on in years to come and reflect, and if it happens to give a little insight for people as to what makes me tick and what goes on behind the scenes at Strength & Performance then that’s just  fine too.

Please feel free to read on. Here is my list:

1) I’m no longer spineless, procrastinating coward I used to be!

2) People are very rarely sincere

3) Running a business is HARD work but extremely gratifying!

4) I much prefer eating whole foods to supplements

5) Getting married and having a baby has not made me into the mature young man people said I would become

6) Despite my best efforts to change my ways, I can still be a selfish bastard!

7) I’m definitely not just good at singing! (I question whether I ever was that good in the first place)

8} If I work hard and focus, good things happen

9) I can never work for anyone else EVER again!

10) Getting up every morning and doing what I love is AWESOME!

11) I am very lucky to have the best wingman EVER in my friend, training partner and fellow S&P owner, Sean Keefe! One day I will be as organised, focussed and hard working as you.

12) People actually want to listen/read what I have to say! Never thought that would happen! 😉

13) I am still no where near where I want to be in life but I think i’m finally starting to figure out how to get there

14) Some people expect you to do everything for them. Worse still, they don’t want to actually do ANY hard work and then wonder why they get no where

15) You can never have too many clients!

16) When selecting music for the gym, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please everybody!! (people are a pain in the ASS!)

17) It only takes one person with the wrong attitude to infect everybody in the group with negative vibes

18) It is pointless wasting time and energy worrying about the competition. In stead, focus on staying ahead and leading from the front!

19) I have very limited patience with time wasters and stupid people!

20) I’m finally learning how to manage my time and plan ahead

21) If someone has to ask me “So why should I join you instead of a Cross-fit gym, for example?” then they probably don’t ‘get’ what we do at all and are probably not suited to our way of doing things

22) I am not nearly strong enough!

23) My best strength training asset is my grip

24) I am the worst secret keeper EVER!! (Don’t expect me to keep big news a secret!)

25) Running a business is a 24 hour thing. You never, ever switch off!

26) I actually looked forward to coming back from 2 weeks in Barbados to crack on with running the gym. I can’t say that i’ve felt that way about any other job I’ve had

27) For every 3 clients you gain, you will lose 2- thank you to Stewart Cole for being right

28) VAT is a BITCH!!!

29) To be successful you have to take measured risks. Sometimes you just have to take risks!

30) I don’t regret flunking college and not going to University. Having a degree sometimes doesn’t mean shit! I’m finding my way just fine now, thank you very much! 🙂

31) I am one opinionated son-of-a-gun

32) I still speak way too fast (guess that 18 months of speach-therapy didn’t slow me down) haha.

33) If I’m not super-organised, my diet SUCKS! (Failure to plan, plan to fail)

34) Everyone you know suddenly starts giving you business advice

35) You can never win an argument over Facebook. There is always someone who thinks they know better! Thanks C.T!

I’m sure I could easily think of another 100 more points, probably more but it would just get silly so I think i’ll end on that note. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little better! For now, be good to one another and be STRONG!

p.s Don’t forget, places on the Strength & Conditioning for Athletic Domination Seminar with Matt Wichlinski are selling out FAST so get your applications in ASAP! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from one of the best in the game and spend the day with both myself and Coach Keefe. Three for the price of one is one HELL of a deal so don’t waste time procrastinating… get on it!

To your continued success in life and lifting,



2 thoughts on “A few things I’ve learned about me, my life, business and other things over the last 2 years

  1. Phew I’m not the only one then! I can relate to quite a few of the points on there Z, not the running of a business type points but plenty of others, I wonder…..will I EVER grow up?!

  2. Actually really enjoyed reading that bud, mainly having been in business myself for a similar length of time and you largely learn all your mistakes the hard way – which I think is the most important part of the process! Some awesome points and hopefully I can enjoy the same pleasure in the gym when I find the right opportunity to develop from, or when I open my own! Nice

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