Week in Words 4

Just in case you had not heard already, we are hosting a seminar on the 14th May with Matt Wichlinski, owner of The Strength Shop in Virginia. Limited places available so get in touch if your interested. Strength & Conditioning for Athletic Domination

Gym Quote of the Week – “there’s nothing small about me” SM

Business – Just to keep you informed more UKSA info will soon be released, so dont worry you will have plenty of time to start working on the events. Time to see who is the most BAD ASS athlete out there!!!

Clients – Our first Para-Olympian Michael Churm started training this week, expect big things from this man in 2012, watch this space. Again another week of big PR’s including Liam McCrea’s big 215×7 back squat. At S&P we like to work rep PR’s, I feel this always gives the client something to aim for instead of just putting weight on the bar.

Training – Been a good week of training, no vids this week just been smashing the usuall press-ups, chins, rope climbs, dips, HSPU’s and muscle ups-remember the basics work. Started a new cycle on bench with reverse bands so will see how this goes.

Life – I was on a stag do last week at the Grand National and it brought back memories of mine (that I can remember). Lets just say being a stag once is enough, its much better being on the side where your aim is to get the stag in a bad way! say no more!

..betting is a waste of money……take note..

Industry – One of our clients sent me an e-book called ’50 Greyskull Approved Conditioning Workouts for the Modern Viking’ by Johnny Pain. Lets just say it makes things simple. Sometimes when you think conditioning you get carried away into thinking you have to do about 30 exercises, but this book just shows you dont. e.g One session is 50 ‘Manmakers’, which if you don’t know are. Holding dumbells in each hand, perform a burpee followed by a renegade row, followed by a press up, followed by an overhead press. Sounds brutal, one of our clients who is taking part in a Tough Mudder challenge will be experiencing these very soon!!! so ill let you know how he gets on.

Business Thoughts – The more I learn about business the more I realise there is so much more to learn. Each day is a learning process and you have to be open to this. Since opening the gym so many people have said do this or do that or you should have done this, but at the end of the day your the one who needs to decide as it is you who has made the jump and relies on the growth of the business. One tip is, just because someone else has done something it doesn’t mean that it will work for you. As Bruce Lee says “Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.”

Food – The sun is out and so are the BBQ’s, can never have enough meat for this

Thoughts – I read ‘The Hero Handbook’ again this week by Nate Green and would recommend it to anyone. Very easy to read and makes you think about things which you kinda know but don’t do. If any members want to borrow it then just ask.

Exercise of the Week – Big Wichlinski showing of the some handstand press up progressions

Video of the week – Not a training video this week, but something else that should impress you

Article of the Week – Simple but most people forget the basic!


Until next time

Lift Big Get Strong



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