UKSA I – July 10th 2011 – It’s on like Donkey Kong!

YES guys, this is the moment you have ALL been waiting for. The S&P UK’s Strongest Athlete competition aka UKSA I has finally arrived! I know we’ve taken our time a bit so apologies for that but hey, you can’t rush a good thing and we wanted to do it right, in true S&P tradition and as most of you know, we don’t do things by halves.

So get a pen and paper handy and prepare to write some things down.

Before we get to the good stuff we should probably start with a bit of background information so you know what you’re getting yourself into should you choose to compete. Ultimately we want to put on an event that tests athleticism in it’s purest form, i.e something combining brute strength, speed and power with a little endurance element as well. In other words this is not a ‘strongman’ event. Sorry boys, no strongman competitors allowed!!

UKSA will be a charity event  so every single penny raised will go to a worthy cause (to be announced in due course) so we hope to raise a ton of cash!! We are confident that it will be a HUGE success!

Ok, enough of the formalities already, let’s get to it!

There will be two weight categories; Under 90 kg’s and Over 90 kg’s. Each weight class will be limited to 20 places only so get your applications in quick (see link below – fill out and e-mail

On to the event list then *insert drum roll here* There will be 5 events as outlined below:

1) Standing Sled Rope Pull – Contestants will hand-over-hand pull a weighted sled over a 20 metre long distance in as fast a time as possible. For the Under 90’s the weight will be + 3 x 20 kg plates and for the over 90’s 4 x 20 kg plates. NB for those of you under the illusion that this is perhaps a little light, the surface is rubber-filled astro turf so think again!

2) Tyre Flip and Sprint – Contestants will flip a tyre (approx 250-300kg’s) 3 times then sprint the remaining distance (total length 30m) to the finish line

3) Farmer Walk – We had to have these in. I mean, what respectable strength outfit worth it’s salt would dare leave the god father of strongman events out of a ‘strongman’ competition? Not us, I can tell you that! Contestants will carry 2 x loaded farmers walk handles around a cone set at approx 25 metres and return to the start line in as fast a time as possible. For the Under 90’s the weight will be 80 kg’s per hand and for the Over 90’s, 90 kg’s per hand.

4) Sandbag Carry/Sled pull Medley – Contestants will pick up a 75 kg sand bag and sprint 25 metres. They will then reverse drag a loaded sled 25 metres back to the start line. Fastest time wins! Under 90’s will pull 6 x 20 plates and Over 90’s will pull 7 x 20 kg plates.

5) Log Clean and Press  – The object here is simple; Clean a steel log up to the chest and then lock out over the head for as many reps as possible within the 60 second time frame. For Under 90’s the log will be loaded to 70kg’s (total weight) and for Over 90’s – 80 kg’s!

So there you have it, the first S&P UKSA Charity event. We look forward to receiving your completed applications. Remember, only SERIOUS applications please. This is a serious event and only 100% BEASTS need apply! If you are not BAD-ASS then there’s a good chance this will NOT be for you!!

The cost to enter will be £20 and £5 for spectators

There will be prizes up for grabs and we are expecting the competition to be HOT! Who will be crowned the ‘S&P UK’s Strongest Athlete 2011’?

UKSA I Will be kindly hosted by Target Fitness, Reddish. For directions please see the link below. Also, if you are travelling from far a field or from over seas and intend to stay in or around Stockport on the Saturday night, please have a look at the links below for cheap accomodation. The first event will kick off at 10am so make sure you are fully prepared and DON’T rock up late! As usual, stay glued to the Blog, FB or Twitter for any updates and we’ll see YOU there!

Sean and Z

UKSA info:

Download UKSA Application Form – UKSA Registration Form – Please Click to Download

Location – Target Fitness,  Houldsworth Village (adjacent to Broadstone Mill), Broadstone Road, Reddish, SK5 7ATL



2) – search for Manchester, didsbury or Manchester, sportcity

3) – search for Stockport South, Stockport Central, Manchester Denton, Manchester Cheadle, Manchester West Didsbury




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