Body Power Expo 2011 Recap

A Little recap on the BodyPower Expo wknd…..

Calm before the storm

This was our first experience at an event like this and lets just say it was an eye opener. If you have never been to one I would recommend it. From the athletic bodies of the gymnasts, strange looking bodybuilders, strong powerlifters, wrestlers, boxers and of course the girls, everything was there.


Our role if you didnt already know was at the MyProtein stand doing a ‘dead hang’ challenge, this involved holding onto a chin up bar for as long as possible. Lets just say it went down very well and for something so simple it drew the crowds in. We had all shapes and sizes take part from young gymnasts to strongmen.

MyProtein Stand

Rob Frampton taking part in the 'dead hang' challenge

Martin Brown

There were four winners over the wknd, 3 boys and one girl who all took home one year’s supply of protein from MyProtein, not a bad prize I dont think. Good times were also put into our Hall of Fame and were given a nickname by Z, however the best time of the day was by a young girl Emma ‘lightweight’ Lumley who notched up a time of 4.30.95. The best male time was by a GB boxer called Jacob ‘jus chillin’ Marriot with a time of 4.06.69.

Hall of Fame Board

We also took down some of our chains that we use in our gym to be used for weighted chins. There were actually a few other challenges from other companies that involved some sort of chin/pull up aspect to it, but when I went round to have a look all I seen was some half rep sh*t going on. As you know when we do chins down at S&P we talk about full range reps, so with this in mind this is what we did, full lockout and the chain had to touch the bar. We did this after the ‘dead hang’ challenge at the end of the day and the crowd soon got involved, who¬†wouldn’t, chains and chins….boom. With Z smashing it on the mic, I soon had to get involved and represent S&P with the chins. I managed 11 chains for 2 reps, which I was happy with after a long day. This was matched by Zim from the MEMGymBoys who did the same…all good fun!!

MEMGymBoys smashing the chains

Overall we had a great time and met some great people, below are some more pics from the day..

Chris 'The Rules' Wainer on the stop clock

..I was just about to rep this 650kg deadlift

Z repping out the axle press

Wrestling Area


Ross Edgley flexing!!

MEMGymBoys tearing it up on the rig

Big Mark Felix

Neil Kirwan wrapped up after 2 hard days work

All in all it was a great wknd and I look forward to going t the next one

Until next time

Lift Big Get Strong