Ultimate Fighter 14 Vegas Trip Part 1

Is there more to Vegas than this????

This is just a little story of what has happened over the past crazy few weeks…..

Around 4 weeks ago I had a phone call from Michael Bisping, which kinda went like this.

Mike – “I want you boys to come to Vegas and start filming the Ultimate Fighter 14, the flight is in 2 days, can you come?? Sleep on it and ill talk to you tomorrow”

Sean – (Half asleep at this point)………oh shit

Straight after this phone call I text my business partner Z and said, get to work early in the morning cause we need to talk.

With very little notice and no time to plan we had to decide whether to go on a once in a lifetime opportunity…………. we always wanted the answer to be YES but we just had to figure out how!!

Bearing in mind we have a new business, with clients who needed us there.

Deciding to leave the gym in good hands was a very hard decision, we wanted to take this opportunity but then again it was hard to leave clients who are dependent on you. Our clients mean the world to us and their results and goals are important so leaving them for 2 weeks, which turned out to be 3 was always hard to do, even though a big opportunity lay ahead.

S&P went to Vegas

Now that we are back and have had time to reflect on what has happened and if ever asked would we have gone knowing what has happened over the past 3 weeks, I think the answer is always going to be f*ck yeah, we were given an opportunity of a lifetime and it would have been stupid to turn it down, with S&P being a new business, exposure like this is only going to help grow the brand. The feedback that we have had from our clients and peers has been mixed on many levels about the trip but this is understandable and from a business standpoint is a learning curve.  I’ve decided in life that sometimes you cant please everyone, but we will always try.

For myself and Z, this shit does not happen so we are still taking it all in…..

Onto the journey (in pics)

2 days after the call, the gym was under control thanks to Joe Lightfoot and Chris Wainer and we were on a flight to Vegas with Bisping…..

Z repping the S&P brand

Plane food.....WTF

Being our first time in Vegas we were always going to be a little excited…Landing in Vegas and seeing ‘the strip’ was an eye opener. You always here stories of Vegas and you see it on films but until you see it in real life you dont know jack!!!! Vegas is  must go to place for everyone!!

Part of 'The Strip'

The UFC put us up in some condo’s about 5 mins away from the strip….pool, jacuzzi, gym etc this was cool and did the job

The Condo's

Our view from our room

After settling in we met Team Bisping which involved Tiki Ghosn Rob McCullough Brady Fink, these were all cool guys and we got along very well

The Boys

Heading down to the UFC Gym for the first time was filled with mixed emotions, both excited and ‘shitting it’. This is something that you see on TV so to see it in real life was crazy…

Meeting Dana White and the rest of the UFC crew was pretty surreal as well……


As the days went by filming the show we got to see more and more of Vegas, from the massive portions of food to the extreme hotels and atmosphere….Our local place to eat was actually a supermarket called Wholefoods, this place has everything you need when trying to be somewhat healthy. We definitely need one in the UK

Club Sandwich....nearly as good as the S&P Sandwich

The Venetian

Iced Tea became a staple!!

Crazy Roller Coaster

Just like S&P!!!

…..to be continued when the show is aired (pics and gossip to follow)

Until Next Time

Lift Big Get Strong


p.s Hope to see you all at the UKSA


3 thoughts on “Ultimate Fighter 14 Vegas Trip Part 1

  1. Guys, it has to be said that, this was an opportunity that was NOT to be missed and anyone that would begrudge you the chance to go need to take their heads for a wobble!!

    I’m pretty sure every one of your clients would agree that you could not turn this down.

    S&P went stateside and that can only be good for business.

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