Chin Up/Pull Up Rant

Just something I need to get of my chest!!

WTF is going on with all this pull up cheating nonsense, jumping from bar to bar, side to side, up and down…..dont get me wrong I think there is a time and place for this stuff but when all I see on the internet these days is about pull ups which use, shall we say alot of body swing.. this is b*llsh*t.

Lets get back to basics and do chin ups and pull ups like they are supposed to be done….with alot of upper body and core strength and NOT momentum!!



Please send your videos in of some strict chin up/pull up feats whether its reps or with added weight, so I can post and show everyone that Chins and Pull ups are not dying!!

Lift Big Get Strong



4 thoughts on “Chin Up/Pull Up Rant

  1. ha ha, brilliant and a well deserved rant!!

    Apparently Crossfit is taking over the world!!! or is it just a passing fad?? discuss??

    My website isn’t live yet…hopefully next week!

  2. Couldn’t have put it better myself. “records” for time and numbers are nonsense when 1 rep does not equal 1 rep.

    Not all reps are equal, but those who “cheat” are only cheating one person. Themselves. Show some self-respect and do it properly.

  3. Seriously though, anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that all they are using is momentum and not much actual strength to do that garbage. Fair play to the women on the second clip, you see she is using pure stregth and developing more by doing it properly !!!

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