Zach Even-esh Interview Part 1

Check out my interview with Zach Even-esh on life, training and everything in-between, which he has answered via video. I suppose I did ask quite a few questions. Myself and Z went over to see the man himself back in October 08 to do his Underground Certification, and to this day it was the best decision we have ever made cause 3 years on our company Strength & Performance is going strong and we are expanding, which is due to be completed very soon. (stay tuned)

These are the points that I have taken from this video, what bout you?

  • You can design the life you want if you want it enough
  • Passion in anything is key
  • Zach does not work, he lives his passion
  • Sometimes in life you have to take a risk, nothing is free or easy in life
  • You may have to experience what you dont want to understand what you do want
  • No one persons opinions or thoughts are final, like Bruce Lee says, read everything, absorb little
  • You have to invest in what you believe in
  • Being your own boss has many perks, but you have to earn them
  • Family is everything
  • Zach is a very passionate man about what he does
  • Zach will help you if you if you want to be helped and if you value the help
  • Everyone should do want they want to do not what they are told to do
  • Have control of your life
  • Zach will do what it takes to succeed, but first you have to identify the barriers
  • Paul Reddick is a top guy, I know because I have met him
  • Having a coach/mentor can help with you achieving your goals
  • You have to live the dream not dream to live
  • You have to take action

Thanks very much to Zach for this first part, I hope everyone has taken something from this. Stay tuned for Part 2

Until next time

Lift Big Get Strong



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