Zach Even-esh Part 2

Continuing on from part 1, take notes on what you learn from Zach and post below

  • You need to commit to your goals
  • USG is only for the 100% dedicated
  • You have to take action if you want to succeed
  • Dont just look at one area of becoming a champion, you have to look at the whole package
  • Commitment and consistency is key
  • Always look to improve your training knowledge
  • If you want to start a business, you need to know how to run a business
  • Zach is always looking to improve his business and training knowledge, so maybe you should?
  • Always think about your family
  • Dont run before you can walk
  • Zach may come to the UK soon (ill try speed this one up)
  • Underground Strength Nation will be a new breed of strength coaching
  • Zach really does want to help everyone
  • USG 2 could be on the cards very soon
  • The human body is a piece of equipment, dont forget that
  • No excuses when it comes to bodyweight training
  • People need to work together to improve the health of the nation
  • Smash it up
  • Zach is a top guy

Thanks very much to Zach for this interview, I hope everyone has taken something from this I know I definitely have. Think I might need to do a part 3!! This man has so much knowledge and passion that anyone looking to do what we have done needs to get in touch with him at

Until Next Time

Lift Big Get Strong



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