Strength & Performance Renovation

New Look S&P

Here at Strength & Performance we strive to provide the best possible service we can offer. We provide a service that no one else can and we pride ourselves on our results with both your hard work, determination and our guidance, goals will always be achieved. We train a variety of people from Paralympians to UFC Fighters to Everyday Mums. Our gym is for everyone as long as you are willing to work!!

With the support of our members over the past 18months we decided once again to extend the gym to a level not matched by anyone else. Below is a short clip along our journey and to show you the end result, please watch

With this new expansion we are offering the first 10 people who join S&P in October, the first month half price. This is something that we would not normally do so act now and take this opportunity.

Email info@strengthandperformance or check out our website Strength and Performance to find out more details or to book your trial session

Until next time

Lift Big Get Strong



2 thoughts on “Strength & Performance Renovation

  1. The place is even more awesome now than ever guys, I am biased though, but i doubt any other gym in the UK can match up to S&P…..Thanks for ‘allowing’ me to help out haha!

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