What are you GOALS? and breaking down BARRIERS!

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We have been very busy down at S&P lately from expanding the gym to nearly 5000 sqft and welcoming new members along the way. This is what I love about my job, everyday is a new challenge. Whether your goal is to lose fat, get stronger, jump higher we like to think we can help you along your way through our methods. Though this has come at a cost, forgetting about myself, so over this wknd I have had plenty of time to relax and think about where I am and what I want both in life and the gym, why? I dont know, maybe because I am currently reading The Four Hour Body book by Tim Ferris and this has triggered some thinking deep down. We all have small barriers that stop us from doing what we want, and these can be the smallest of things, as you will see below

The 4 Hour Body

So here is what I have done over the wknd

  • Goal Setting – Setting goals and knowing what you want is something I tell all of my clients to do, training towards a goal is much more rewarding than training for nothing, in addition writing a program with no purpose is like writing a program for someone who you have never met! So this wknd I have set myself some goals that I want both in life and training, both short term and long term.
  • Planning – Now that I know what I what I can plan towards them, eg if I want to start a family then I have to earn more money to support them
  • Food Preparation – Everyone knows you have to be organised with your food and I thought I have been, but when I sat down and really thought about what my goals were and if I was planning towards them, I was wrong, my food planning was way off track. So this wknd I cooked up a lot of food including chicken, turkey, sausages, sweet potatoe wedges for the week ahead.
  • Food Options – Something I always tell my clients is to cycle their food often as your body can build up intolerances to them  if eaten again and again. So to overcome this I spent a bit more time when I went shopping this wknd and bought some different foods, this way I have to eat them. This included buying a honeydew melon! How many people buy the same fruits week in week out, bananas, apples and oranges!!
  • Soft Tissue – If you need extra soft tissue work then I tell people to get a foam roller and do it at home. I have a roller at home along with a tennis ball but I never used them, why? Well because I have a wooden floor, and if you have ever tried to roll out on a wooden floor you will know that it is a pain cause the roller keeps sliding away. So this wknd I have borrowed a yoga mat, yes I did say a yoga mat. And its one of the best things I have used, 2 nights running I have done some major soft tissue work.

These are just a few barriers that have stopped me achieving my goals, its not rocket science, but I was taking things for granted and thinking I was somewhere when I wasnt. But after sitting down and some self realisation about where I am and where I want to be, there is a lot of hard work ahead. Now that I know this the drive and focus is now back and my goals will be smashed!!

One thing we all need to remember as coaches is dont forget abut yourself, our job is to help people but we also have to help ourselves.

Stop kidding yourself and thinking you are doing everything right, because you are probably not, write your goals down and see if you are planning towards them. Everything you do is either helping you towards your goal or taking you further away. Next time you do something, think which way this is taking you, forwards or backwards.

Drop a comment below to what has helped you break down barriers and achieve YOUR goals, not someone else’s!!

Until Next Time

Lift Big Get Strong



2 thoughts on “What are you GOALS? and breaking down BARRIERS!

  1. Great blog as usual and as per our earlier conversation, I could identify with this so much given my last few weeks in the gym, and i’m on my way to achieving my goals, still got some way to go yet though in my quest to get ripped! Now i need to get ‘tough mudder’ fit for next year, so thats definitely on the agenda and after that who knows, but what I know right now is that without S&P I probably wouldn’t be in the shape i’m in right now…so Thanks boys…..If it’s not S&P training…then it’s not training!

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