Gun Show Time Part One Triceps

Lately for some reason we have had a few emails and questions about what exercises we do for the ‘GUNS’.

I will just be clear on this now, for starters I would say its very rarely I would just program an arm day but it has been known, and lets not lie here, every testosterone man training on a Friday is only there to get a pump on before they go out so they can fill there under sized t-shirt anyway!! So take note of the exercises below.

So with this in mind I want to show you a few different exercises that we do down at S&P to help people go from a mere pistol size arm to a worthy shotgun!!

Tricep Exercises

Fat Grip 2 Board – Great heavy compound exercise that hits the triceps hard.

Handstand Press Up – If you have the confidence to do these and have the shoulder stability and strength then they are a must add to your program.

Swiss Bar Ext to Neck vs Chains – A variation of extensions with the use of chains to work on top end strength.

Bodyweight Rope Tricep Extension – One of the best bodyweight tricep exercises you will do, vary the height to suit your strength levels.

DB Tricep Extension Drop Set – Working the triceps from various angles in one set is always a nice finisher to your upper body session and easy to add some much needed volume for maximum growth.

Band Pushdown Variations – Not really a strength exercises as such, but great for flushing the muscles with blood and getting a major pump on.

Give these a try and let me know how you get on, Part 2 Biceps out soon

Until Next Time

Lift Big Get Strong