Strength and Performance UK’s Strongest Athlete is BACK!

ATTENTION all you BADDASS S&P followers, and all other strength fanatics; 6 months after the successful launch of UKSA2011 we are back to announce a bigger and better competition so get your pen and paper/smart phones handy and prepare to write some details down.

The date is set for UKSA 2012; Saturday July 7th. The place: LifeLeisure, Reddish (Same as last time).

Entrance into the competition will be £25 per athlete. Spectators will be charged £5 each on entry. Family entrance fee (1 adult plus any children under 16) will be £10. All competitors will receive a FREE Strength & Performance UKSA 2012 T-shirt plus some other goodies on the day!

In a change to last years protocol, and by popular demand we have added a brand new category to the Under 90kg’s and Over 90kg’s. This year will see the ladies get their chance to kick some ass and take on the UKSA challenge. We expect the competition to be fierce!

We had athletes from all over the UK last time around and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to Stockport for some more top level action. 2011 saw Joe Lightfoot take the Under 90kg title while Liam McCrea pipped the competition to the post in the Over 90’s. Who will dominate this year?.. And who will be crowned the first Uk’s Strongest Female Athlete?

UKSA 2011 Winners Joe and Liam with TeamSandP

We must reiterate that UKSA is NOT for professional or competing Power Lifters or Strongman competitors! Sorry guys!

Also it’s worth noting that we will be weighing all athletes in on the morning of competition. Weight allowance is 0.5kg’s over for the Under 90’s and the weight limit for the Over 90’s is 130kg’s. There is no weight restriction on female athletes.

To say we are exited about this is an understatement! UKSA 2012 is going to be EPIC! We have adapted our event list to push the boundaries of strength, power, speed, endurance and mental toughness even further than before so preparation is going to be key for anyone who thinks they have what it takes to succeed.

We’ve also brought in some heavy artillery this year; Joining last years and this years sponsors are top sportswear providers Canterbury who will be providing some awesome prizes. We’ve also enlisted the help of WolversonFitness – producers of top quality, S&P-endorsed strength material. We are proud to be associated with these brands and are looking forward to working with them to ensure that UKSA 2012 is a HUGE success.


We will be working closely with the guys from the Race2Recovery Charity who will be on hand to give out information on a most worthy cause and who will be collecting much needed cash on the day. You might recognise some of the guys from their recent appearance on Top Gear where two of the amputees compete for a place in the gruelling Paris-Dakar Rally. This charity is especially close to home for us as the actual Land Rover which was donated for the rally was conceived and manufactured by one of our athletes who we hope will be competing on the day.

So, enough already, let’s get down to the nitty gritty as they say! You’re all no doubt wondering what the events are this year. Well, wait no longer (All distances/approximate weights for all events are tabled below):

Event 1 – Tyre Flip and Sprint

Athletes will be required to sprint approx 10 metres to the tyre then flip it twice before sprinting a further 10 metres to a cone. They will go around the cone and sprint back to the tyre where they will flip it a further two times before sprinting through the finish line. This will test the legs and lungs early!

Event 2 – Farmers Walk

 They don’t come much simpler than this one; Athletes will pick up and carry two loaded Farmers Walk handles around a cone placed 18metres away, and return back to the start line. We’ll load ‘em up heavy and let battle commence! Fastest time wins!

Event 3 – Axle Clean and Press

 In a slight modification to the overhead press from last years’ UKSA, athletes will clean a loaded axel, complete with two wheels up to the shoulders before pressing overhead. They will then replace the axle back down on the ground. The aim is to repeat for as many repetitions as possible within a 60 second time limit. Full arm lock-out is required and athletes must straighten legs and remain steady at the end of each rep for what judges deem a reasonable period of time for each rep to count.

Event 4 – Standing Rope Pull-in


We had to keep this one in; A head to head battle between two warriors, this is sure to be a crowd favourite again this year! The objective is simple; Hand-over-hand-pull a loaded sled attached to a 20metre rope in to the feet in as fast a time as possible. There is little room for error over this gruelling distance. Don’t let that grip slip! Judges will be looking out for excessive movement backwards so be sure to stay put or risk disqualification.

Event 5 – The Medley 

The grand finale is going to be even tougher than last year! This is where the competition can be won and lost. It is possible to slip or gain places at the death, so being in kick-ass shape is going to be essential in order to be crowned The ‘2012 Strength & Performance UK’s Strongest Athlete’!

Athletes will first sprint 18metres before picking up a 55kg keg from behind the line. They will then sprint back to the start line and deposit the keg before sprinting back to pick up a 75kg Sandbag! On return with this bag they will finally grab a loaded sled and complete the final leg of the medley by dragging the sled backwards to the finish line. Fastest to complete the course will win. Be sure to pull the sled ALL THE WAY over the line!

This says it all!

Ok, you’ve got the low-down, now you’ve got 5 months to GET STRONG and prepare for battle!

We’ll post sign-up/payment details up on the blog and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Let the games begin!


NB – Weights for each event/category are detailed below (All weights are approximates only and may be subject to change):




Under 90kg Men

Over 90kg Men

1-      Tyre Flip Approx 100kg Approx 240kg Approx 240kg
2-      Farmers Walk Approx 40kg Each Hand Approx 80kg Each Hand Approx 90kg Each Hand
3-      Axle C+P Approx 36kg (total weight) Approx 70kg (total weight) Approx 80kg (total weight)
4-      Rope Pull-in Sled +3 plates (60kg) Sled + 5 plates (100kg) Sled + 6 plates (120kg)
5-      Medley Keg – 30kg/SB-40kgSled – 4 plates (80kg) Keg-55 kg / SB-75 kgSled – 6 plates (120kg) Keg-55 kg / SB-75 kgSled – 7 plates (140kg)



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