How to Look Good Naked the S and P Way!

So, you’ve finished with the indulgences of Christmas and New Years; You’ve made (and broken) lots of fluffy, waffle-filled New Years resolutions; You’re certainly feeling a little snug in those new ‘slim-fit’ Jeans and you’re wondering what to do about it!

Well, wonder no longer! At Strength & Performance Gym we can help. Believe it or not, there are no magic bullets that will solve your predicament; What will help, however is a little bit of good old fashioned hard work, a good clean diet and a will to succeed. These three simple things will go a long way to creating a better version of the ‘you’ that’s currently staring back at you from your bathroom mirror.

Don’t like what you see?

Well here’s a quick insight into how to look good naked the S&P way!

NB – You will not need to set foot on a treadmill to achieve these results!

At S&P we are big fans of keeping things relatively simple so that you don’t get blinded by too much science and flannel! Over the last 6 years or so we have tried and tested various methods of what is commonly referred to as ‘Metabolic Training’ where the general aim is to strip fat and keep good lean muscle in order to give that lean, mean look.

What we have found is that the best results have come through a type of hybrid total body strength routine which we combine with certain high octane exercises to create a complete system that delivers kick-ass results every time, when used in conjunction with a good, clean diet of course. To burn fat effectively the body needs to have some meat on the bones! Don’t expect to get that sleek, svelte look if you’re just ‘skinny fat’. We tend to see this a lot from people that are already slim but have fat stored in all the wrong places.

Don’t waste any more time wondering what to do about your body. Come down to our gym and see for yourself what can be achieved with a bit of elbow grease and a measured

Strong plus Lean = Sexy!

Yours in Strength



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