A Day with James ‘Thinker’ Smith and Mike Guadango

If you don’t recognise either of the two guys above then you’re probably in the wrong game. Either that or you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere and haven’t been doing the extra reading that you probably should have been doing! Anyway if you don’t know then you NEED to know so get a pen handy and jot some important details down.

We’re hooking you guys up with a one off opportunity to get down and dirty with two of the BEST in the business. We’re talking about James ‘Thinker’ Smith of www.powerdevelopmentinc.com and Mike Guadango of www.freakstrength.com.

Mike will be speaking about his road to learning (realisation of training) from starting out as a young athlete with Joe Defranco to his position now as top level Strength Coach. James will be presenting on Sports Program Management. We suggest you bring a pad and some pens and be ready to write things down. Some of this will blow your mind – you have been advised!  There will be Q&A sessions after both guys have completed their presentations.

So who will this be of benefit to; Any SERIOUS athlete, coach, personal trainer or weekend warrior seeking to learn and progress their knowledge and be the best they can be NEEDS to hear what these guys have to say. We have LIMITED PLACES left on this seminar so if you want in then make sure you drop us a e-mail to info@strengthandperformance.co.uk ASAP!

The cost for the day is £150 –  a pretty small investment in return for the priceless knowledge and experience these guys will bring to the table.

Look forward to seeing you there,

Team S&P


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