Train to be a Badass Female!

Females down at S&P lift weights! and yes heavy ass weights too. This may come as a surprise to some but nowadays female’s want to lift weights as they know of the benefits to both their health and their body. Back in the day it was just the males shouting, screaming and grunting at the bar as they hit their respective pb’s, but how times have changed!

Females are now starting to understand that lifting weights is actually good for their bodies as they start to see changes in their shape. Having a pound of muscle on your body is way more attractive than having a pound of fat! As most men would agree!

Obviously this does not happen over night, a thought out plan needs to be considered and implemented along with all the other basic principles of training which include, soft tissue/mobility work, stretching, basic movement patterns, strength work and conditioning, which could be a variety of things depending on what you wanted!

So now you need to ask yourself are you enjoying that spinning class you go to every night, or that zumba class that is ‘toning’ you up!! If the answer is yes then crack on with what you are doing and enjoy the exercise for what it is, however if you want to get real results then you have to pick up some weight, and not just those 2kg dumbbells, leave them for the guys who like to pose in front of the mirror!

Your call…

..lift weights and be a badass female…or…dont!

See you on the other side

Unleash Your Inner Athlete

Team Strength and Performance

TeamSandP Twitter – @SandP_GYM



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