UKSA 2013 – Where we’re up to….

Ok, so last time we posted a blog, we told you we were postponing UKSA 2013. We couldn’t give the whole story as to why we were doing this as things were a little (as they say on Facebook) ‘complicated’

Well, some weeks have passed since then, and our position has changed slightly so we thought it fair to keep everyone in the loop and give you a quick ‘heads-up’ on the state of play as we stand today.

For those of you that didn’t see the little teaser we threw out on Facebook, we are planning a big project in Manchester City Centre (see pic below – a small part of our space). By September/October we hope to open our new venture and this is where UKSA will be held. Needless to say we’re literally weeing ourselves with excitement, but as with the best laid plans, there may be slight delays here and there so we really just want to hold fire before we release the exact date for the comp. We don’t want to have to postpone twice if we can possibly help it.


So for those of you who have e-mailed  requesting more information etc, please accept our apologies. We’re not ignoring you on purpose and we will be in touch soon.

Look out for more pics and maybe some video coming soon. This gym will be like no other and we can’t wait to unleash it on the world!

You can still enter for UKSA in the meantime, just hit the link below and e-mail your applications in. We still have spaces in most categories, but the Under 80’s is looking pretty full so last couple of spaces up for grabs.

Now get hauling ass in the gym and we’ll touch base again soon

In Strength

Team S&P