Two mind blowing tips to improve your lifts!

Just a couple of points I have been thinking about lately….

1. Movement

The more I learn about the body and how it moves and works the more I firmly believe that movement quality is the key to overall strength development.  We all know this but never actually attack it with full force. Unless your one of the lucky few who has great movement with very little effort to maintain then just like me you need to work on our movement to improve your lifts.

If your job entails sat down at a desk for the majority of the day and every time you come to the gym and your hips are jacked up and limiting your squat or dead, then stretching them for a few mins before you load the bar is not going to do anything. (Well it may open up your hips for a brief period of time, but you dont want that, you want longevity)

So what to do…..its not rocket science. There is so much information around that if your mobility is not improving then you obviously dont want to improve it or you just dont want to put the time and effort in needed to see some better quality movement. Only when an injury arrives do we feel the need to start making changes, change that attitude and you will most likely get stronger in the process.

Kelly Starrett has done a great job in showing how to do various form of soft tissue and mobility, check out some of his videos here

2. Breathing and Tightness

I watched this video earlier and it just reminded me the importance of upper back tightness during the squat but should also be carried over to the deadlift and bench. I always say to people in the gym to get tight in the upper back but sometimes they can not understand how to do that. So this video actually shows simple steps on how to do it.

Another key point in this video that I especially liked was regarding the breathing. Most of us do not breathe properly during a big lift in addition to normal daily life. Bill Hartman has a great video showing the breathing pattern, which many of us need to master. It seems like such a simple drill but until you try it you realise how hard it actually is.

Ryan Brown and Dr Quinn Henoch show some cool drills in how to improve your breathing and then transfer them to under the bar, check them out

Add these to your warm up and you will hopefully feel much more comfortable under the bar when it comes to getting tight.



Do what makes you happy and get strong in the process