Do What You Want To Make You Happy


When it comes to lifestyle we all have a choice of what and how we want to make it happen. Although most people are just happy to follow in other peoples footsteps and shadows rather than create their own. This goes for many things in life outside of the gym but when it comes to inside the gym many of us fail to be happy with what they have or what they are training for.

I am saying this as many times I have heard people say they will do this and they will do that but never do, months and even years pass and they have not done what they wanted. Why dont you just aim to achieve the goal and then move on. Are they happy or are they still chasing that elusive goal?


Unless you fully commit to achieving what you want then will you ever be happy? (in the context of health and training). If you want to get lean then do everything you can to achieve this. So learn the food groups, learn what and when you should eat, get a meal plan and the main thing is to stick to it, not just for a week or two but month after month. If and when you achieve this goal, ask yourself is this making you happy, taking into consideration the sacrifices you may have had to make to get to this point?

I mean some people give up so much to achieve what they want and I respect this but for me the kids have it right here when they say YOLO, “you only live once”. So if what you want means giving up so much that in fact you become unhappy trying to chase becoming happy, is it worth it?

I guess this all comes back to why you are doing what you are doing. Why do you go to the gym? Why do you eat the foods you do? Why do you make the choices that you do? Decide what you want and then get after it, just because someone else is chasing a 140kg bench, this doesn’t mean you have to.


For me its simple, cliche as it might sound but I have a wife and two kids and my role is to protect them. So for me getting stronger is my priority, this may not directly protect them but in my head I believe it will and so I will continue to pursue my goal. I dont have an end goal in sight as long as in each training session I make myself better. So this cold be various things such as more weight to the bar, more reps on a weight, improved flexibility, improved cardiovascular work but most importantly for me is to improve my mental toughness through all of the above.

photo 1 (5)


(keeping this face in mind when training usually makes everything go to plan)

So thats why I do what I do and it makes me extremely happy day in day out, have a think about what yours is and whether it makes you happy chasing your goal?

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