#SandPStrong Jingle Bell Lift

Now the summer is over and the jumpers are back on its time to see what damage the summer diets have done and instead now focus on the winter bulk and big lifts. We will be hosting a raw powerlifting competition in December which for anyone who does not know includes the bench, squat and deadlift.


So what is involved?

Date 13th December

Bench Press – Best of 3 lifts. There will be a slight pause on the chest judged by a TeamSandP spotter/adjudicator

Squat – Best of 3 lifts. Depth will be called by a TeamSandP spotter/adjudicator

Deadlift – Best of 3 lifts. Full lockout (no hitching) which will be judged by a TeamSandP spotter/adjudicator

** Remember guys: This is supposed to be a fun event where the aim for some competitors may be to simply PR in one event! Let’s not ruin the magic by whining over whether you thought your depth was good or whether the pause was long enough. If it doesn’t get called, please respect that our adjudicators word is final.

Categories will be as follows:


Under 80kg, Under 90kg, Under 100kg and Over 100kg


Under 52.5kg, Under 60kg, Under 67.5kg and Over 75kg

There needs to be at least 5 people in each category otherwise categories will be merged together.

The BIGGEST TOTAL will win the class! The winner of each class will receive some MyProtein goodies. In addition the overall pound for pound best lifter will receive a cash prize of £200 for both female and male. (there needs to be at least 10 women involved for the money prize to stand)

You do not have to compete in all three lifts, however you will stand more chance of winning if you do. If you just want to take part in a couple of lifts then this is fine as you may just want to use this as a time to test the lifts and to see where you are at in your training.


The competition is completely RAW so this means no assistance through belts, straps, wraps or whatever. Why? well there are so many different brands these days, each giving a little extra so the easiest way to keep things level is if they are not allowed. Simple. Our well trained and able spotters will be on hand to keep you safe at all times!


Big lifts are pleasing to the eye but….

…looking at Tom Martin back in the day at a bodyweight of 82.5kg, now this is impressive!

If you would like to take part then the entry fee is £25, which includes a free #SandPStrong tee and a good day out lifting and chatting with like minded people. Spectators £5

Email info@strengthandperformance.co.uk with your name, weight and what size tee you would like.

All profits will be donated to the Christie’s Charity.

Look forward to seeing you all at S&P Gym, Stockport on December 13th.

NB Please share, like and RT this Blog with the Hashtag(s) #SandPstrong, #SandPapproved or #TeamSandP somewhere in the body of the message. Let’s make this a great, fun comp for Christmas and raise some cash for a great cause that is close to many of our hearts.

Thank you!



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