Call To Action; PTs/Strength Coaches – We Want YOU!

Newsflash; Hot off the press, so hot in fact, you could cook your morning eggs on it – We are expanding our team down at S&P Gym, Stockport! We put the call out on Social Media a couple of weeks back for freelance PTs/Strength Coaches who were keen to grow their business from our Stockport site.

photo 2 (10)

So far we’ve had a great response! E-mails have been coming in from as far a field as Majorca, and we even received one from Thailand!! It’s truly awesome that so many budding coaches want to jump on board and seize this opportunity with both hands. If there had been a facility like this back when we started in the industry, perhaps things would have worked out differently. Luckilly for you guys there wasn’t!

This isn’t an ego stroke, however, Far from it in fact! We’re humbled greatly by the amount of interest we’ve had thus far, and we’re genuinely excited as little school kids to expand our horrizons and shift our business up a gear by offering initially 5 positions for freelance PT/Strength Coaches to train their clients through S&P Stockport.

If YOU are looking to grow your business and train your clients in a kick-ass environment with a load of other like-minded coaches and clients, then YOU will want to take action now and get in touch ASAP! You will have not only have access to a proper, no BS gym with all the free weights, racks and indoor turf including all the prowlers, sleds and farmers walk handles you will ever need!

photo 1 (7)

So you have been officially given notice now! The clock is ticking and we will soon be firming up our team.

Don’t be a procrastinator; we like DOERS at S&P!

Back in the day we opened our gym with very little cash, very few clients, at the peak of the recession and with many ney-sayers telling us we were crazy and that it COULDN’T BE DONE!


YOU and you alone can make the change. If you want to be your own boss and be in control of your cash-flow – then this opportunity is for YOU!

Hit us up: 

or leave us a note on our FB Page (don’t forget to like):

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Please feel free to ‘Like’, Share, RT and whatever else you feel the need to do! Don’t forget to include the Hashtag #SandPstrong !

We look forward to hearing from you!

Z and Sean




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