Calling All Dads of 40 Years Plus of the Greater Stockport Area, Are You Feeling Tired, Lethargic And Weak?

Question: Are you a dad?

Are you 40 years old and over?

Do you live in the Greater Stockport Area?

Are you worried about getting older and weaker?

Maybe you’ve just hit the big 40… or maybe that’s long gone – you’re pushing towards 50 and it frightens the be-jesus out of you?

Concerned you won’t be able to keep that beer gut at bay for long?

Does the idea of keeping up with your kids in the park fill you with dread?

Are you one of those people who constantly talks a good game to your mates or your training partners, but deep down you know you’re just not putting in the hard yards?

Sound familiar?

You say your diet’s ok to anyone that will listen!

“Yeah, you know I eat prett clean about 90% of the time, but I eat pure junk the other 10%” 

Is this you? Be honest with yourself for a sec!

You know what you should be eating, but you just need someone to give you a guiding hand in the right direction or to check up on your progress on a regular basis – to make YOU accountable for your actions!

We’ve all been there, right?

It all sounds so easy to get that last bit of body fat off in order to achieve those gains you promised yourself you were going to get, but in reality here you are, 12 months later, still chatting the same old rhetoric to your fellow gym members over the bench press and nothing’s really changed – you’re still not in shape!

The kids are tugging at your arm; “daddy can we go to the indoor soft play this morning” – you dread those words… it’s getting increasingly tough keeping up climbing around while your kids disappear up some tiny space 10 steps infront of you, that you used to be able to fit through! You tell yourself it’s too late for you, and you’ve had your time but deep down you’re desperate to be back there in the front line – the Alpha dad!

Dads of 40 years plus of Greater Stockport; Don’t Panick! – take a chill pill and calm down ’cause help is at hand!

super dad1

Become A Super Dad Today!


Christmas is coming, and in anticipation of all the excuses coming out we’re throwing out a preventative call to action which we wouldn’t normally do, especially round this time of year!

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We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Here’s to your Good Health, Wellness & Strength in 2015


Sean & Z


What Would You Like To Know?

Sometimes I can get a bit carried away talking at people!

It’s just me – sometimes my passion for helping others can overwhelm me!

People sometimes confuse this passion for preaching!

Don’t get it twisted; I ain’t no preacher – religion has never been part of my life! I respect the hell out of anyone who believes and finds comfort in whom soever they choose to believe in… but it’s not for me, I won’t lie!

But I do care passionately about helping people – I truly belive it’s my mission in life to help as many people as I possibly can to get better and kick more ass in their lives and in their business! I might not be the best man for the job; I might not be old enough, wise enough, successful enough… but I’m trying!

Thing is, sometimes i’ll get a bit carried away and i’ll just write and write about my life, and how i’ve changed, and who I used to be, and how i’m not that guy anymore. All these things are true, but what would YOU like me to write about?

What Would You Like To Know?

I’m asking for a little feedback here – I genuinely love feedback, positive or otherwise so please feel free to post your messages up on Twitter @SandP_GYM if you’re not following already; Hit me up directly @zorandubaic; You can get us on our main Facebook Page <— please click or if you’re on of the chosen ones i.e you’re on the S&P Inner Circle and you train with us at our Stockport Gym then you guys know what to do! 😉

Our Inner Circle members will be getting some bonus material pretty soon, but for the rest of you guys we still want to help so please don’t hold back! If we can throw a little FREE content out there every once in a while it’s no bad thing, right! Remember, sometimes it’s wonderful to Pay it Forward!

I had a tremendous response from yesterdays Blog!

If you missed it, fear not, it’s right here below! Hope you enjoy the read!

Next week i’m gonna throw out a few more, and the week after that too! We can maybe do a regular thing on the blog to go along with ‘That Monday Morning Bullshit‘ series!

I realise for some of my language can at times be a little ‘colourful’. I won’t apologise for cursing but I’ll try and tone that down if it’s a problem because at the end of the day, it’s a really important message and the more people that read and share, the better! 🙂

Ok, listen… i’ve got my In-laws coming in to Manchester Airport in about an hour and since i’m up crushing and at ’em – giving Saturday morning a run for it’s money I’m gonna go pick them up!

My in-laws are AWESOME! I’ll probably never be able to pay them back for everything they’ve done for my family, so i’ll start with the small things!

Keep your comments coming – it’s all very well received and much appreciated!

Remember, post your wish-list up and i’ll do my best along with my partner in crime Sean to get some awesome content up for you guys ASAP!

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Have a great Saturday folks!

Your boy


5 BIG Mistakes I’ve Made In Life and Business!

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately; I’ve learnt quite a few things over the last 32 years on this Earth, and it’s fair to say i’ve made plenty of mistakes!

For those who may be visiting the blog for the first time and wondering what i’m banging on about; I don’t blame you – it’s supposed to be a ‘fitness’ blog, right?

Well yes and no really!

The thing is the term ‘fitness’ is very vague and none-descript! At S&P we like to mix it up, keep it fresh ya know! We try to broaden peoples horizons and allow our followers/members/wider S&P Family to see the bigger picture.

We’re all about helping people get better whether it’s simply dropping a few pounds, or a dress size maybe, or just motivating them to get out of bed and have a better day than perhaps they’re used to having. It doesn’t matter how you get the result, just get a positive result and you’re winning! Hope you follow!

If you want anyone to point the fingure at – i’m your man; I’m Z, one of the S&P Founders, so if you don’t like the positive motivational stuff, or you didn’t sign up to receive that sort of thing, then that’s fine – please feel free to unsubscribe to our newsletter and seek information elsewhere 🙂


That’s me on the right!

If you want to stick around I guarantee you won’t be disappointed; we’re ramping up our blog in the New Year with some exiting new products that will 100% be of use to you the reader! So keep checking back regularly for more details!

Anyway, I was saying how i’d made a few mistakes in my time (huge understatement) but those of you who follow regularly will know that I also say it’s ok to make mistakes, so long as you learn from them!

Below in no particular order are 5 mistakes i’ve made at some point in my life & business that i’ve now made a positive effort to fix! I’ve put my resolution below each point in brackets! I hope you find some comfort in my words:

1) Not appreciating my wife enough for the amount of time, effort and hard work it takes to raise a young family while i’m at work!

(I’ve leveraged more time in the mornings by getting up early to get the bulk of my important work done – this allows me more time and energy to help her out more around the house and with ther kids)

2) Not calling my mum and dad enough and telling them I love and appreciate everything they’ve done for me!

(Due to managing my time better I can call in the mornings when they get up [they live in France now] – I know my mum knows I love her dearly, but i’ve never really said it! I now have no excuse to be too busy!)

3) Trying to please everyone

(Although I sometimes struggle with the concept, it really is impossible to please everybody! These days I only work with people who value my time and effort – in return I am much more fullfilled and happy! Deep down there’s always a big part of me that is desperate to help, to be liked and to please!)

4) Not paying it forward

(I used to think I would have the upper hand over everybody by keeping all my knowledge to myself. In a word, In was ‘selfish’ ; Big time selfish!  What i’ve come to realise [without giving all the good stuff away for free of course] is that paying it forward is a wonderful thing. If someone somewhere can benefit from my experience/knowledge then it feels so liberating to be able to put them in the right direction to finding a solution)

5) Not playing with my kids enough!

( I know, there are simply NO EXCUSES for not playing with my kids! Yet i’ve made them regularly and selfishly on many occasions – too many to count! These days due to being much more savvy with my time and my business, I never have to tell them we can’t go to the park, or build a jigsaw. It makes me sick to my stomach that I ‘got away with it’ for so long! My family comes first now, period!)

So there you have it, just 5 simple mistakes that i’ve made either in my life at home, or in my business! In no particular order and without agenda – that’s my list for now! Every now-and-again i’ll throw out a few more in a list!

Maybe you’re doing the same thing and encountering problems! Sometimes just a tiny shift in mindset can fix it for good! I know it did with me!

If you’re not receiving regular updates from us already and you want to, just do one small thing (no hidden agenda – no one is going to share your details with anyone… just CLICK HERE <–

You’ll get our blog fired straight through to your inbox – hot off the press!

It’s 06:00 right now and i’ve got some important business to attend to!

So if you’ll excuse me i’m gonna hit the road!

TTYL folks!

Yours in good Health


Co-Founder @ S&P Gyms

Danny MacAskill – Nothing Is Impossible!


Watch this vid – Do it NOW! 

It may not be a new vid, but this guy Danny MacAskill sure does know his way round a bike!

Some of the things he can get his mountain bike to do are just plain RIDICULOUS!

If you ever have an idea to do something and you don’t believe it will work, then you’re setting yourself up to fail!

If you listen to the Ney-sayers and the doom-bringers telling you it can’t be done, calling you ‘crazy’ then you’re never gonna get anywhere!

Nothing is Impossible!

Wanna fly to outer space?….. Possible!

Wanna climb Everest?…. Possible!

Wanna quit your day job, follow your passion and set up your own business?…. Possible!

Wanna make a difference to World Poverty?…. Possible


Stop telling yourself it can’t be done…


Stop telling yourself it can wait till tomorrow…

Tomorrow never comes!

Believe in yourself!

It’s ok to Believe in your own hype sometimes, just make sure you stay Humble! (no one likes a show-off!)

Get out there and GET SHIT DONE!

‘Impossible’ is some Bullshit the unsuccessful, bitter people tell you to try and stifle your dreams and drag you down with their negativity!

Danny MacAskill didn’t quit every time he fell off that bike!

I’ll be willing to bet he’s broken most of the big bones in his body at some stage or another, while he was struggling to get known and perfect his skills!

He didn’t start out as a whizz on a bike. Hell no!

samuel becket 1

Get off your ass and quit talking about what could have been!

It’s Never Too Late!

Pumping out a lot of motivational shit through the Blog these days!

I’m all kinds of fired up!

I believe that Nothing Is Impossible

Nothing is gonna stand in my way in life, Nothing!

If you’re happy with your lot, great! If you’re not, maybe it’s time you did something about it!

Do something RIGHT NOW that will put you on the next step to a better life!

Do it Today, don’t wait!

If you’re in the gym today, make sure you train your ASS off! 😉

Have a Great day!

Be safe this Thursday!



ps How can we help YOU today? To find out more about how to become a part of S&P simply Click This Link <–

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It’s All About Winning!!

if you dont have confidence 1

My Hero!

There are no prizes for second place!!

Sure, you could have a Silver or a Bronze medal…… but why would you want either of those when you could have the Gold baby!

‘It’s not about winning, it’s about taking part!’


I thought it was about winning!…..

Let me back-up for a sec!

This isn’t some crazy rant about having no excuses or taking immidiate action. Instead there’s a slightly more subtle point that if we don’t teach our kids to strive to be good at something, then how are they ever really going to aim high? What the hell is wrong with aiming high and wanting to win anyway?

We can all do it?

We can all WIN!

A few months back a client told me that at school she was actually told to ‘go and sit this one out – you’re just not very good at running!’ – can you believe that? Time and time again it was painfully reinforced that she sucked at most sports and she wasn’t the most talented member of the group!


And there’s always a ‘but’…

Luckily for her PE teacher, this girl didn’t take it all as a bad thing; she just tried her damn hardest to be the best she could be and that was fine by her! She knew she maybe didn’t have the pure talent of some of her classmates, but she wasn’t competing with them, she was competing with herself!

Nowadays she maybe still doesn’t have the genetic gifts that others we’ve trained possess. But i’ll tell you one thing, she has got more guts, determination and bloody-minded work ethic than the majority of people who step through our doors!

She IS Winning!

Yeah, she might not be the fastest, or the strongest but she grafts her ass off every single session and then asks for more when she’s done! She’s battled with some demons over the last couple of years and every time life comes and bites her on the backside she bites right back and just pushes forward, no matter how difficult and painful it can be!

So it’s genuinely not always about finishing first in everything we do, that would be crazy and there’s not a man or woman alive who could claim that fame – and will never!

Deep down we all want to win!

For the underdog who perhaps should have never got to the final of the 100m freestyle at the Olympics, but who pulled out all the stops and shocked the World to finish in third place….. He did win!

For the 3rd division football team that held the mighty Manchester United to only a 3-1 win in the FA Cup…. They won too!

You don’t always have to look at being the absolute best in the World ever just to count yourself as a success! Just pick the small things and take one small step at a time, that way you always have the potential for a win and not to set yourself up for failure!

You have to believe in your own ability and just get your head down. Don’t worry about what everybody else is doing or how good they think they are, or how others peceive them – this isn’t about them, it’s about you and you alone!

It’s not going to come easy, that’s garanteed unless you’re extremely lucky, and who ever relied on luck as a toll for success? I’m not sure I know of many!

Life is All About Winning, it’s just how we choose to look at it!

We should NEVER be told by a person in supposed authority who’s actual job is to motivate and inspire the youth of today to make themselves better and give them the best chance at life! Maybe it was just an ‘old-skool’ approach back then, but that certainly doesn’t make it right!

I’m not saying that we should wrap everyone up in cotton wool and tell them they’re all special inside etc etc… that’s not the point of this blog! But everyone should have a focus on what they want to achieve! If you’re passionate about getting better at a sport or following a certain career path you should be encouraged to get after it and kick ass, not be told that you’re ‘probably never gonna be any good at it, right?’

I hope all this is making sense!

Get out there and get your own ‘Win’ today – no matter how small or big, just WIN!

You don’t need to ever ‘lose’ again, just maybe win a bit less; or make a mistake and get your fingers burned, learn from it and come back to win again tomorrow! That’s LIFE!

michael jordan 1

Now that’s my kind of perspective!

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing today, have a Great one!

In the words of DJ Khaled:


Catch you later



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Invest In The Best Version Of Yourself!

If you want to get results from your training, you have to stick to a plan!

Do you have a plan!

Do you even know why you need a plan!

What do YOU want to get out of your training?

Is it fat-loss? Weight loss? Strength? Better cardio? More energy to play with the kids…?


What do YOU want?

This gets my hyped up but I believe passionately that we’re all training for a reason – it makes sense, right? otherwise we would sit about eating twinkies all day, crying over Oprah!

“I could have been a pro too…. I just didn’t have the right guidance!”

Thing is, it’s never too late to hatch a plan!

If we don’t plan, we certainly won’t succeed in following through with the right kind of positive action!

You’ll hear me bang on about this time and time again but it’s so true!

‘Fail to plan; Plan to fail’ etc… #truth !

If it takes someone else to help uncover your reasoning behind wanting to change your body and get in kick-ass shape, then that’s fine! At least you’ll be a damn sight nearer to achieving what it is you REALLY want from joining a program at a gym.

Once you’re there you have to invest! And when I say ‘invest’ I mean emotionally, mentally, physically… you have to invest in getting the results you desire! It’s not so much the vehicle but the end result!

There are several ways of getting from point A to point B. Some may be slow and painful – but you want the vehicle that’s gonna get you there most efficiently and effectively! Once you’re there you want to stay there, so your investment will be long term! It will take time, effort and you’ll have to part with your hard-earned cash!


To back up this point, check out a Blog I wrote a couple of weeks back!

There Is No Quick Fix To Getting Results <–

Hopefully it will help make the point for you if you’re struggling to get your head around the idea of having to invest long-term in staying happy and healthy for the rest of your lives! 🙂

I’d say it was a pretty worthwhile investment, wouldn’t you?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all turn back the clock just a little bit?

Cheat time?

Get back to being in the best shape of your life… when your partners used to rip your clothes off under the sheets?

And wouldn’t it be frickin’ unbelievably AWESOME to be able to get nekked’ infront of the mirror and be like ‘dayum, it’s like i’m 21 again’? No…? Reeeeeeally? I don’t believe you!

We would all LOVE it!!!

We shouldn’t have to feel like those good times have passed us by! Why should we accept that we’re all going to eventually get fatter, weaker and have less energy – because society tells us this?

I call ‘BULLSHIT’ !!

If you want to make some changes then it’s never too late!

We all deserve to be the Best version of ourselves!

Just know that it won’t come easy!

You have to be prepared to get after it – Work HARD, stick to your guns and invest in your well-being!

Don’t half-arse it, you have to COMMIT!

It’s going to be a short one today!

Got a house full of poorly kids so i’m signing out!

If you missed yesterdays Blog, check the link below!

That Monday Morning Bullshit Part IV

Take Action!

Embrace the grind!

Have a great Tuesday!



PS To find out more about how we can help you achieve the body you’ve been longing for CLICK HERE <–

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That Monday Morning Bullshit Part IV – Take Action!

BADASS Action Takers Finish First Every Time!

Morning all you early risers!

How’s Monday treating you?

Ready to kick into overdrive and take some names?

That’s what I thought!

take action 3

I know it’s not always easy to trick your tired sleep-depreived body into thinking that it’s fresh and ready to get the hell out of bed, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

If everyone stayed in bed and cursed the day they ever set their alarm clocks for 6am, the World would probably be a way less prodcutive place!…. wait a minute….!

We shouldn’t need alarm clocks!

We certainly shouldn’t have to set our lives by them!

In the mornings for example, if we’ve had enough sleep our bodies will automatically tell us to get the fuck up and get after it – you won’t need me banging on about it! Wouldn’t that be nice, huh!

For a few cheeky tips on how to make your morning a little more awesome without sacrificing your lives too much, check back to one of last weeks posts here !

take action 4

Action Takers Finish First Every Time!!

It’s worth repeating!

Have you ever thought of going to see your favourite band play at a gig?

You know for a fact that they’re gonna sell out in a few hours at the very most!

You tell yourself you’re going to be first in the queue for tickets – you know this won’t happen because you know that there will be people on speed dial who’ve been sat there all night waiting for the pre-release…. and half their friends and family are also on speed dial on mega fast braodband connections waiting to beat your sorry ass to the punch!

ring ring….. ring ring….. engaged tone!….. again you try…. and again…. and again….!

They must have gone already!

Someone took action over and above what you were prepared to take, and they succeeded in getting their tickets no matter what the cost! It might have cost them twice as much and a few hours sleep, plus an expensive phone bill… but they beat you to the punch, and why, because while you were too busy half-arsing it they were out taking action to ensure they were first in that line to see their favourite band!

Two people, same scenario…. same chance of getting the tickets…. BIG difference in the execution!

chance favours the prepared mind

Thank you Louis!

Sure you can try and be smart and savvy and beat the system – there’s always a smart ass out there who knows all the tricks… and that’s cool too! Good on that guy! But for the majority of people, possibly in the majority of real World situations, i’ll be prepared to bet my reputation that hard word eventually trumps the talented but complacent!

Sean wrote a killer blog a while back on the subject of Complacency! It’s a good read!

Take Action!

Be First!

Get after it!

I guarantee you’ll get your tickets next time!

You can’t execute a plan that doesn’t exist! – that’s for another blog though! 😉

If you’re ready to take action in your lives, then you might want to drop us a line.

You can do it simply by filling out some details and applying for membership on to one of our Body Transformation packages or our signature strength programs!

If you’re frustrated with your results; maybe you’ve been training on your own for time eternal but got nowhere…  you still desperately want to drop a dress size or two but not sure how… the time is NOW to act!

drop a dress size

Don’t procrastinate till after Christmas, when more damage will be done! In as little as 4 weeks we can whip you back into shape!

** note: for the men, I realise the dress size thing might not be your bag – this one is for the ladeez! **

CLICK HERE <– to find out what we do at S&P – It might just be the best move you’ve ever made! 🙂

Now get out there and Take Positive Action to improve your lives!

Don’t wait, just DO IT!

It’s a mad busy one today at S&P so i’m gonna sign off for now!

Catch you on the flip side!