That Monday Morning Bullshit

What’s up you crazy mofos!

Who among you is feeling f*****g fantastic? Any of you….?

Now who among you is already pissing and moaning about having to get up and go to ‘work’? Some of you? Many of you? Most of you?

You hate your job, right?

“Yeah, it sucks having to get up when it’s all cold and dark outside!”

“I struggle in the mornings”

“I can’t f-ing wait for Friday”

That my friends is ‘That Monday Morning Bullshit’ talking

Newsflash; we’re all dealt the same fucking cards in this life! We’ve all got our own shit to deal with! We’ve all got to go out there and earn a crust somehow. We’ve all got to get up on a freezing cold Monday Morning and get shit done. What makes you so god damn special that you feel you have been so hard done to?

Is life really that bad that you can’t wait for Friday to come so you can piss all your hard earned cash up the wall and end up slumped over a kebab at 3am on Saturday morning

I’ll let you into a little secret, it’s the doers that actually get after it without making Bullshit excuses and make stuff happen!

It’s the people that take action and make changes who are the ones walking around humming a merry tune and loving life, with a big-ass smile on their face!

It’s those guys that don’t have to look to the end of the week to escape their shitty jobs/lives – they actually love smashing the working week up, spending quality time with family and loved ones, and then maybe having a relaxing weekend with a few beverages and some good mates! There’s nbothing wrong with winding down after all, but if everything in between Monday and Friday sucks so bad, surely that’s not good is it?

They don’t have a problem with Monday morning and neither do i! In fact i fucking love Mondays because I get my ass out of bed at 5:30am and I can’t wait to tear into the week and help people get better in the gym, and in life!

I start my day with a little meditation and deep breathing.

Then i make a nice strong pot of coffee and enjoy a few small cups with some organic coconut oil.

I’ll throw on a podcast for 30 minutes and learn some important shit about business/Marketting/training or anything that i’m going to find useful to progress myself as a person and a business man! I realise I actually know very little – this needs rectifying! Someone like Alwyn Cosgrove is always a good start

Next I put on Gustav Holst ‘Mars’ from his Planets Suite and i shadow box round the kitchen getting amped up to crush some business. Half way through my little/big boy Teddy aka ‘Big Ted’ throws his arms up in the air (he’s got up at 5:45 too!) and demands i hold him for the finale of the song! If you haven’t listened to the whole suite, i suggest you do. Classical music is AWESOME for the soul!!

Then i’ll fire up the laptop (what do think i’m doing now) and rattle off a blog or i’ll post on Facebook/Twitter – something that’s going to help someone, somewhere make their day just a little bit better!

After that i’ll make breakfast for myself and go and wake up my wife and daughter!

It’s 7:45am right now and i’m just getting warmed up!

I’m a busy man and i’ve got shit to do! There are rarely if ever any good excuses not to get your ass up and get after it.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in the rut with the other rats in the race

I freakin’ LOVE Mondays!

Don’t let that Monday Morning Bullshit take over!

Own it!

Have an AWESOME Monday!

Your boy



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