The Slingshot



So we have recently purchased Mark Bell’s Reactive Slingshot, in the past we have used bands to create a similar effect but the issue is that the bands are not overly consistent. Its just a cheap way of doing it, I dont know why I have not bought it before as the feedback so far is pretty darn good! So if your looking to add this tool to your bag of arsenal, dont waste your time using bands etc, just get the real thing.


For people who do not know, the slingshot was developed to help increase the bench press as it helps the lifter use more overload on the bench as the slingshot makes the lift easier of the chest through the stretching of the material. Just like using bands and chains the slingshot is a tool that needs to be used accordingly and planned into your training cycle.

How will I be using it?

I plan to use the slingshot on my speed/rep day for bench, which is every 9 days as I work on a 9 day total body split. I will add approx 6-10% to whatever my heavy work was in that micro cycle and hit 2-3 sets of 3-6 reps. So I will get 3 training sessions in within this cycle, as I always plan in 3 week waves. I will continue to use it for a series of blocks and then feedback down the line with how it has worked.

Why use a slingshot?

As I said earlier the slingshot is a tool that can be used within a training block to work on a weakness. The purpose in my training block will be too get some extra volume in at a higher intensity without all the added stress to my shoulders. Plus I get to work more on my lockout strength/capacity as more volume will be added in here.

Mistakes people make with the Slingshot?

Often times just like with bands and chains a raw lifter can easily lose sight of where they are at in terms of a raw lift. It’s easy to use the slingshot and add a load of weight to the bar and feel good about yourself, although when you take the slingshot off you wonder why you are still struggling with a weight you thought you would be dominating.

You need to be realistic, for example if you can bench 100kg for 1, then why try and bench 130kg with the slingshot. That’s a 30% increase. Like many have said before if you want to bench 130, then first hit 105, 110, 115, 120, 125 and then 130kg. So don’t be greedy!


Who knows, but I would like to add 5-10kg to my bench over the next 3 blocks, so stay tuned as I will let you know how I get on and any problems I experience

Until next time

Stay Strong



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