Yesterday Got Me All Fired Up!

Wow, yesterday got me fired up BIG TIME!

Let me back-track for just a sec though first. Lately i’ve come to the realisation that I needed to make some much needed changes in order to get my shit together. For instance: make better use of my time; be nicer to my wife and kids and play more of a ‘dad’ role which i’ve pretty much sucked at from time to time; kick more ass in the gym; give more value to our clients… plus a whole of other small tweaks to a life that I thought I was starting to win at already!

I wasn’t winning…!

Turns out I didn’t really have it down like I thought I did. I’ve found myself making a whole bunch of Bullshit excuses for things that needed no excuse – they just needed action! Like I alluded to in my blog yesterday (if you missed it, don’t worry, have a read here) I just kept coming up with reasons for not doing this, or not doing that – there was just always some BS coming out of my mouth.

Anyway, that was then, and i can honestly say (No word of a lie) that i’ve changed, literally overnight. I’ve started to see things clearly for the first time in as long as I can remember, without some thin veil of Krispy Kreme Bullshit clouding my judgement. It’s frankly a revelation to me, and it’s AWESOME!

I was surprised (understatement of the year) by the positive response I received for the post I wrote yesterday. It was certainly not expected and I wasn’t seeking gratification from writing it – but I felt it none the less. I was sort of thinking to myself while scribling my musings down over my third micro cup of Joe:

“If this helps just one person in some small way then my work is done”

Strangely to me, about a dozen people shared it and tagged other friends in it. Then, a few clients mentioned things at the gym where they had a read and it cheered them up a bit – apparently I averted a road rage incident from escalating!! I had to laugh at that one. Just off the cuff for a sec; I listen to either a good podcast or Classic FM in the car now as I used to get wound up by other ‘idiot drivers’ ! Give it a try, it certainly works for me. You try and get mad at a learner driver doing 27 in a 30 when you’ve got Pachelbel’s Cannon ringing melodiously in your ears!

So the tip of the iceberg came when one client (bless her soul – she knows how to get the emotions flowing) said to me in the evening:

“Have you got a degree in English?”

At first I laughed (I didn’t go to University)

“No” I replied.

“Well you’ve got lovely pen-man-ship” She responded.

I’m not sure I even knew what that meant, but it struck a real chord with me. Perhaps this is something I can get my teeth into. Writing more I mean, and trying in my own way to spread the positive wibes and help some people that might benefit from reading my scrawl.

I’ve secretly always loved to write (My mum was an English teacher at school). She drummed the importance of it from a young age, but unfortunately my ability to punctuate and spell (my wife Amanda often reminds me which always makes me chuckle). Note to self; must read more and brush up on 15 plus years of not really caring about spelling too much!

I’ve always said to anyone at the gym that’ll listen that I am absolutely passionate about helping people either through dishing out ass-kicking service in the form of training solutions. I have my brother from another mother Sean Keefe to thank for dragging my coaching ability and knowledge up to scratch.

I am all kinds of FIRED UP right now!

We’re making moves and shapes at the gym and you’ll be hearing a lot more from me in the future!

Do one thing today for me. Think about what makes you happy.

What’s your passion?

Are you following it, or are you just ‘getting by’?

I’ll leave you with that thought.

Thanks for stopping by.




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