Everybody Needs A Life Coach!

Bullshit! I would have told you a year or two ago!

I’ll pre-amble a bit; I was chatting with a good friend recently. Their name isn’t important, so I won’t reveal. They told me they thought the idea of someone needing/having a life coach was, and I quote:

“A load of Bullshit, that!”

“Fancy someone needing a person to coach them through life!”

I’ll be 100% honest here, I would have happily got involved with a good old diss back in the day when ignorance ruled my opnionated life (there’s nothing wrong with being opinionated by the way) and I was generally pretty sceptic of such fancyful notions of ‘Life Coaching’

The thing is, the minute you actually take a second to process the meaning of the term ‘coach’ , it actually makes perfect sense. A coach is someone who teaches. I’m pretty sure most of you will at some point have gone to school, college or University, for at least a short time at the very least, right?

Would your prep school teacher not be classed as a ‘Life Coach’ infact? Were they not making every best effort to enriching your lives as kids – to instill morals, to teach you how to read and write, to prepare you for ‘big school’?

And when you joined the local football/netball team, did you or did you not benefit massively in terms of learning a new skill set and how to compete and hopefully to win, from an experienced coach? Yopu probably picked up a few small tips on how to carry those skills over into real life as you grew up, right?

So is that really any different from a ‘Life Coach’…….

The answer is simple – it isn’t!

Fast forward to 10 years on and you’re struggling to make sense of it all; You think you suck at everything, and you can’t seem to see past the failures or so you see all those life experiences that just didn’t pan out for you. You’ve tried all the drugs (legally prescribed ones of course) and they just (quote) “Don’t work” – thank you The Verve for your words of wisdom.

I’ve used a pretty extreme version here just to illustrate what some people seem to resonate with the term ‘Life Coach’. It always seems like some whack-job who just can’t get a grip on reality who is too damn weak to figure this shit out on their own who actually needs someone to coach them out of the mire.

Truth is, Everybody needs a Life Coach!

I’ve had many over the years and I never realised it.

My old singing teacher taught me many, many things about myself – some of which i’m only just beginning to realise. Life Coach

My tennis coach back in the day taught me that patience and skill and experience will outwhit the over eager and cocky until that over exuberance to hit every ball as hard as possible can be tamed and channeled properly. Life Coach

In 2008 when Sean and I travelled over to New Jersey to see Zach Even-Esh and Joe Defranco , we learned a whole load of things which ultimately led to us setting us Strength & Performance . I still count Zach as one of our Life Coaches who consistently gets me fired up to push our business forward and do great things! My only regret is that we haven’t stayed in touch as often as we would like, but that’s about to change!

It’s ok to pay someone to impart their knowledge and experiences onto us. We all do it to some degree or another, so if you’re the one bitching about how hard done to you are…. and you haven’t done anything about it. Worse still you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that it’s your fault, or that things will always be this way ’cause i’m just so unlucky…


That’s an excuse not to get off your ass and do something about it – period!

Have a look online and find a good coach that comes highly recommended. Someone you know will probably know one.

It could be a business/fitness/life mentor like Alwyn Cosgrove or Chris Brown (Not the singer!) or maybe someone local you’ve heard of, or even someone in our so often maligned National Health Service.

Just take that one small step to get you closer to living a more fullfilled and awesome life!

I’ll stand by my words…

Everybody needs a Life Coach

In the words of the immortal Zach Even-Esh:

“Take care, comb your hair”

Peace out!



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