How Do You Define Success?


My dad came to the UK with my Grandma or ‘Baba’ as we called her (may she rest in peace) not too long after the end of World War II. They didn’t have much money!

My Grandad ‘Deda’ a proud Serb had been kicking Nazi butt and was unable to join them for several years! Us Serbs are a tough lot you see, history tells us this! Contrary to what opinion on the subject might be, they haven’t always been on the wrong side of the fence. We’ve not always been the blood-thirsty band of murderers that have been painted by todays media in recent years!

They settled in Scunthorpe, a tough mining town in North Lincolnshire. I always have very fond memories of that terraced house my grandparents used to live in.

Dad didn’t speak a work of English but was soon enrolled at the local grammar school. Which coincidentally was home to sporting legends Ian Botham and dads soon-to-be pal Ex England Manager, Graham Taylor! My dad’s actually got a pic from about 1960 of him smashing Taylor in the 400 metres on grass! My dad was a sprinting machine back in the day!

A few years later and my dad had finished his secondary school life and with a passion for languages and a notion for teaching others he set off for Manchester University, where he graduated soon afterwards with a Batchelor of Arts in Languages.

My dad speaks fluently or understands/can get by in a dozen foreign languages!

When he came to our shores in the early 1950s he wouldn’t have even been that well versed in his native tongue of Serbo Croat, as it was then called!

He taught French, Spanish, Russian and German, to name a few, in secondary schools, colleges and night schools and has been responsible for teaching some pretty bright people in the public eye today; Barristers; Politicians (boo!) Entrepreneurs and many more!

He made a success out of nothing!

When the odds were sometimes stacked heavily against him!

He knew what he wanted to do, and he went out into the World and grabbed it by the balls!


I sometimes think to myself “what a waste of all that talent” …… why didn’t he want to be an interpreter, or travel the world translating letters between governments and getting paid thousands upon thousands for it!

Now that would have really made him a ‘success’ …

But would it?

I think my dad achieved his mission to educate others so that they might have a better start to the one he had growing up on the mean streets of surburban Belgrade.

He WAS successful!!

For some people success is defined by how much money we make, or how expensive a car we drive, or how much our clothes cost etc..

Everyone is different!

What drives YOU?


For me I look at it from the point of view that I’m here to provide for my family, first and foremost!

Perhaps i’m already successful because I run a successful gym business, i’m not sure!

What I do know is that I won’t ever be content with my level of wealth or perceived ‘success’. I don’t measure it purely in monetary terms, or how many businesses do I own etc.

I’m hungry to enrich my life and the life of my family as far as I possibly can. I aim high, and I will break down all barriers in my way to get what I want out of this life!

‘You Only Live Once’

How do YOU define ‘Success’ ?

Have you already made it?


As I sit here writing and looking out on to a over cast yet peaceful Sunday morning, I know exactly what i’m going to do tomorrow to get after it!

Prepare to attack Monday!

Catch you on the flip side!



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