Ignite That little Spark of Genius

I went to a bonfire display last night with my wife, mother-in-law and my two kids!

I’m not normally speechless, as anyone that knows me well will (almost definitely) concur!

Firstly, I should probably admit to sneaking a little bit of candy floss behind my wifes back – I got rumbled pretty quickly! Hey, I haven’t had any since I was about 10 years old so i’m going to cut myself a little slack! Sometimes invoking those childhood memories just gets your juices flowing! It certainly took me back a good few years anyway.

Anyway, i’ve seen a lot of fireworks over the years, but I don’t think i’ve ever really looked properly at just how beautiful they are!

Don’t you think?

And every single colour-filled explosion is like a little spark of genius!

I just fucking love it! – i love them! They make me feel like a kid again, and sometimes thats a damn good thing.

I’m not totally sure if I ever really grew up in the first place. Perhaps that’s why I like them so much!

Tangent Alert:

I’ve never been a fan of people describing themselves as ‘an Entrepreneur’ …

I guess I always thought it was the kind of term other people would describe you as.

The more I think about this though, the more I feel compelled to think that it’s what I am!

I LOVE to innovate – I always have! I’ve always loved coming up with new ideas on how I intend to take over the world (figure of speech) and what brilliant and cunning plan i’ve come up with to solve the next big problem.

It’s in my DNA to want to pass on knowledge, help others by passing on what i’ve learned, and come up with new ideas that perhaps haven’t been thought of before. Or perhaps they have but people just haven’t realised that it’s a great idea yet!

My great friend, mentor and business partner Sean Keefe (Strength Coach extraordinare) and I invented a totally new game back in the Summer of 69! Excuse the totally crap pun/joke/whatever – it was actually in 2010, the year Sean got married in Barbados. I won’t spoil every detail of the game itself but if you can imagine the most fun you’ve ever had playing a game of football (Standard or American) on the beach… Now times that feeling by the power of AWESOME. Then time that by 10 and you’re somewhere near to realising just how awesome the game of ‘BCB’ is!


I always joke (but seriously though…..) about when I make squillions of bucks being a mega entrepreneur that i’m going to push to have BCB recognised as an official sport. I’ll tell you this, it makes beach football(soccer) and volleyball look crap… in my opinion! lol <- I just ‘lold’ on a serious blog… is that even ok, bro?!

My point is this; Did you ever have a little spark of genius manifest itself into your conscious mind…. yes/no?

Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t.

But don’t be afraid to tell the world about it, or at the very least see where it leads you. If it truly is a great idea, aren’t you being selfish if you don’t share the wealth?

My ignition moment came when I listened to a podcast by Jason Ferruggia – in a heartbeat I realised that I could instantly change my outlook on life and make some changes to improve my sense of worth, and start adding value to my family and my business.

It was that simple for me!

And I can honestly that from that moment onwards, I am never ever going to look back! That little firework lit such a passion within me that i’m actually struggling to hold back in case I end up like a firework myself!

I fucking love the feeling, and I hope that by reading these blogs I can possibly ignite a little spark of genius in some of you.

It doesn’t matter how small, if it makes one tiny difference for the greater good then my work is done!

Helping others kick ass makes me happy!

Fireworks shoot up into the night sky then explode into millions of tiny sparks.

We all benefit from their beauty.

Don’t worry about the ones that don’t go off, there will be another one right after that and another after that for you to enjoy!

Here’s one of my favourite Chinese proverbs to close out this mornings blog! Think about it…

“Don’t curse the darkness – Light a candle”

Have a GREAT Thursday everyone!




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