I almost choked on my doughnut when I first saw this little gem on the internet some years ago!

They can’t say that!

Can they?

Did they just go there?….

Oh yeah they just did! And if you think about it, it’s pretty damn clever marketting based on connecting with peoples emotions!

Nobody wants to be fat!

The ugly thing you’re just going to have to deal with, depending onb how you look at the term ‘ugly’ This is going to sound corny as hell but i’m gonna say it anyway! It’s my party and i’ll cry if I want to, after all so deal with it! lol. <- still not sure if that’s ‘ok’ but anyway….

What I was going to say is that I know some visibly stunning folk physically to look at, but some of them aren’t so attractive on the inside.

Either way you look at it the ad that was placed outside a local gym (I forget where unfortunately) has a pretty direct way of telling the potential client that they can help get you in shape!

Moving away from the actual ad, or even the idea of the ad for a sec; most of us at some stage in our lives have probably taken a look at ourselves in the mirror and thought “Shit, have I really let myself go that badly this Christmas!”

You probably told yourself you would “get my shit sorted from January!” right, but strangely enough, here you are six months down the road and you still haven;t joined a decent gym. I say ‘decent’ because in all probability you might joined a gym that is more than happy to take your hard-earned dough, but less happy to actually help you when you fucking need it the most!

Actually that’s possibly not there problem – who’s the smart one here. Not you, I would suggest! They’re gonna make a ton of cash out of an empty gym and you’re gonna be a sucker who doesn’t get what you paid for, yet again, and on and on the sicle goes!

This sound familiar to YOU?

The truth of the matter is this – you need to get educated and wise up! It’s not the gyms fault you didn’t get leaner in twelve weeks. They’re out to make money most of the time. After all, it’s just business, right?!

At Strength & Performance (call us S&P – let’s get familiar after all cause’ we might be seeing you very soon!) we actually give a shit about getting rid of the fat and just helping you stay ugly, or pretty if that’s your thing! We care about every single one of our ‘family’ and we don’t accept it can’t be done!

You pay us money, we provide you with all the tools you need to get in THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!

Sound like a great deal to you?

Yeah, I thought so!

What you have to understand is that you have to give something in addition to just your moolah!

You’ve got to earn the right to have a great body!

We can’t ‘do it’ for YOU…. YOU have to put some fucking hard work into the equation for it to happen!

But we will Educate you, Motivate you and Inspire you to do great things with your body – things you genuinely didn’t think were possible.

We’ve trained literally thousands of women and men since  2006, using our proven methods of kicking ass and getting results! And we’ve got plenty of success storied to prove it!

Don’t be a sucker and join a run-of-the-mill gym because it’s ‘cheap’…!

Don’t fall into the money trap!


Wise up, take control of your lives and make informed decisions based on the FACTS that are out there.

I’m not saying you have to join our gym, there are many quality facilities up and down the UK these days, but I guarentee you this; If you do join our programme at S&P, you’ll never look back!

Let US help YOU get the body you want!

Get ready to change your life for the better!

January 2015 is TOO LATE TO TAKE ACTION!

Contact us TODAY!

You can reach us on our Facebook Page

Or drop us a Tweet

Don’t fancy either of the techy options?

Let’s do it old school baby! Drop us a good old-fashioned e-mail to:


ATTENTION: If YOU are scared of a little hard work, you don’t want to get results or you like throwing money down the toilet…..

This gym is not for YOU!

We want to train people that want to get results and are prepared to work their asses off to get them!

If this isn’t you, then don’t apply to get on the programme at S&P.

I can’t wait to meet you action takers ASAP!

Peace out



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