I don’t know whether it’s because i’m just a soft sod, but I just watched this Ad from John Lewis for the second time this morning (Other major retailers are ok too, fyi) and i’ve got tears literally streaming down my face!

My wife and Mother-in-law dragged me over to the tablet last night to show we the vid. They were both snuffly by the end, and I had to escape to the kitchen to get some “dust out of my eye”…

Something about it just gets me right here in my heart – what can I say!

Monty The Penguin

It’s 5:30am and I’ve been up for an hour getting shit done!

Maybe it was the (non MSG) Chinese take-away and bottle of Peroni ‘Fresca’ I consumed last night, or maybe it’s because i’ve got so many awesome ideas swimming around in my head that prevented me from getting the recommended ‘8 hours of sleep per night’…. or is it 10 now…?

All I know is I got up for a wee (too much?) at 3:45 and I couldn’t get back to sleep.

I tossed and turned like some kind of beached walrus for about 25 minutes, then decided to make myself useful and get my ass out of bed! – why would I just lie in bed, not sleeping and wide awake when I have so many things to do? things that a week ago I would have no doubt made a whole bunch of lame excuses for not doing.

“I don’t have time to take the kids to the park babe!”

No shit, really?

Because I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed a little earlier than normal and tick a few boxes of things that needed to be done.

** Tangent Alert **

My wife loves Penguins….. I love penguins. In fact contrary to what most of my clients would believe I actually LOVE all animals!

Put a side 2.10 minutes today…

Don’t pretend you don’t have it!

Watch the video 🙂

Have a great Saturday!

Peace out



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